Elvis never wrote no songs

Elvis Presley was a singer, like Frank Sinatra, they sang like they were writing them as they sang. That’s being a Performer. Above the line, Name in lights at the Top of the Marquee.

And Elvis Presley definitely started at the bottom of the billing until no one was willing to follow him…he actually played some performances on makeshift stages:


A beginner in 1953 and the entertainment world’s goldenest boy in 1956.


But Elvis Presley was more than a singer, singers are sturdy stance and chests with lungs, trained vocal chords and perfected breathing.

In the proper theatre, to be able to be heard in the back row, even as a stage whisper. Acoustic, pitch, tone, breathing on thebeatthebeatthebeat, the body one’s instrument.


Elvis Presley was a one man band – his legs the drum, foot stomp, slide.

His pelvis the bass, the driving rhythm, not the dance of sex, but sex, the sexual area.

His arms to his fingers the strings, lead and rhythm, his body convulsions of thrusted pelvis back, shoulders forward and head drooped, that pulse, that throb, that thrust, gasp,


that hair once a gleam crown, disheveled, greasy strings, just rolling into or outta bed….thebeatthebeatthebeat, the plaintiff voice, the twinkled eye and curled up lip, a sneer a leer or an insider snide.

Elvis-68-Special-Black-Leather-Suit-FrontSweaty Elvis

Frank Sinatra made the bobbysoxxers swoon with desire,

Elvis Presley fucked the poodleskirts, sending them home spent and exhausted.


No wonder the male fans didn’t like Elvis, he didn’t leave room for handovers…

Smug isn't he?a66ed7b4831dcbe8bf8b40b73317226e

25 Top Elvis Presley Songs: Year-by-Year



Do you think Elvis suffers from artist credibility because he was primarily marketed to girls (performer fans) rather than boys (serious music fans)?

(cultural semi-sarcasm off)


Plus, there is what I call “singer-songwriter snobbery.” Certain folks out there look down on him as an artist because he did not write his songs. One of the reasons I enjoy Elvis most is because of the variety – and I am sure part of that comes from the fact that his songs were written by so many different people. So, I actually see it as an advantage.



Frank Sinatra never wrote a single song. and it certainly was not usual or standard – there were writers and there were performers for many decades and for the most part.


Yes, it is interesting how Sinatra normally gets a pass on that – I suppose it is generational. It doesn’t impact what I think of either performer. Both incredible.



Also: there’s this: he actually did write:


Yes, apparently a legitimate co-writer on that one and “You’ll Be Gone.” Maybe one or two other scattered examples. Based on his ability to improv new (usually humorous) lyrics to songs, I think he could’ve eventually developed the talent.



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