Elvis Presley: Spoken Word Recordings

I think what shocked the marketing people the most about Elvis is that even recordings of his press conferences and interviews were in demand by fans.

0101 Elvis-Presley-Elvis-Sails-EP---142036

Flexi discs on magazines and even 45 singles – Elvis tells his side of all the nasty press and says “see ya later alligator” to his fans when he sailed off to his only Europe visit.

A recent production of the magazine, a fancy flexi disc, a 10 inch 33.3 rpm gold disc, a cd so you don’t have to play the records and a reproduction of the magazine!


Officially, Elvis had a spoken word at concerts “novelty” record of his in between song banter, stories, puns and farts. If Elvis was mortified by that, then he should have recorded something instead of forcing RCA to release that officially.

Imagine if “Fun on Stage with Elvis” had won a grammy!

naturally, the series was extended in bootlegger and fandom land.

220px-Havingfun  Elvis-Presley-Having-Fun-on-Stage-with-Elvis,-Vol.-5 funwithelvis close.0 vinyl_havingfun_1_2_3

Elvis actually did do some stunning Spoken Word performances of songs – “America” and “What Now My Love” that are haunting and chilling.

In any event, like audio, fans enjoy all the video and there is an astonishing amount of Elvis, given that that was a pre-selfie world and photos were expensive.

30 259 310291782307 1395979969727_image1._elvis-tapes-1-spoken-word-cd dvd_elvishaseftthebuilding_07 dvd_hotshots5 dvd_jat_elvis-young-man-of-the-nation dvd_onstagewithelvis elvis-hot-shots-cool-clips-volume-3-presley-dvd-cover-art Elvis-Presley-The-Elvis-Presley-371466 HSCC_7 pressconferences2

the volume of Elvis radio and regional tv show clips

the few press conferences and a lot of fan shot stuff

Elvis being at events or being events

I don’t think anyone was ever drafted with as much fanfare

even a dvd collection of all the news broadcasts of his death

I wonder if that “Elvis Awards” show will be put on on a dvd set. It only ran 2 years and was used to show us Elvis comeback clips for the first time.

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