Elvisworld: Red Robinson

Red Robinson was a young disc jockey at the C-Fun.; and he’s worked every station inside out  from current fads to adult easy listening to Personafying the Oldies.

prv082899robinson01--SEEEMMA POOLE STORY FOR CITY-- Aug. 28,1999 -- North Vancouver, B.C. -- Sunday is Red Robinson Day at the Pne. Robinson introduced the Beatles in 1964 and Elvis in 1957 at Empire Stadium. LES BAZSO/PROVINCE [PNG Merlin Archive]rockbound by Red Robinson

And, as crazy as it sounds, that has always been his actual hair – I have met him several times over the years – and the Vancouver Show is certainly recorded in Full and Red Robinson is the ONLY PERSON with the entire show and it’s the whilest show of Elvis Presley’s whole career, the only time he fled the stage in fear of his life.


When he left the city, Red Robinson mentioned on air what room he had stayed in, and some plucky girls got in and tore the room apart, the artwork off the walls, the bedding of course and the carpetting off the very floor.

Elvis Presley might have shot out a television or two, but he never tore up a hotel room – that was done by the hotel staff stealing the bedding to sell to crazy fans, every bedsheet a shroud of turin, if you don;t think too hard about it.

C-FUN had to pay the hotel for the damages. But, it wasn’t the first time Red Robinson had an on-on air comment turn into an event in the city.

One time, he joked about a beached killer whale and hundreds turned out to help or or to see it. But there wasn’t one. Pranks, teases, anything that pleases the audience.

The Elvis Tapes back BTLG The ELVIS Tapes Elvis and Red

Red Robinson Master of Ceremonies or MCed both The Elvis and The Beatles shows on Empire Stadium in Vancouver.

Red hung out with Elvis in his dressroom and as a joke, Elvis hand cuffed Red Robinson to the shower and left him there. He did unlock him in time to start the show.

Elvis Presley was a professional, finely honed and masterfully handled.

beatle talk frontBeatles Vancovuer 1964 beatle talk back

The audience for The Beatles went mad and Red was pushed to step on stage to try to tone things down, John Lennon told him to fuck off the stage.


The Beatles in 1964 had an act to follow, and the Media was waiting for the next Elvis Fandimonium and it was Beatles Mania….

REd and The BeatlesThe Beatles Mop TopsElvis and the Beatles 2

Now, every one hit wonder that causes a public pulse is very erroneously  labelled the new “Elvis” which is like the career doldrums or doom that follows any actor playing Jesus as a serious/semi-serious character from Jesus Christ Superstar to that Mel Gibson Torture Porn Passion Play – a medieval entertainment resurrected in the movie era, and is one of the very few horror films that actually caused audience members to have heart attacks and die, unable to discern fictional vs factual experiences…..

1f6fd75361e4374bc3dd681ed417ef53Red and Elvis

so – dear Red Robinson, what anniversary are you waiting for exactly to let the world hear what can be lifted from those reel to reels that they have, because there’s only ever been those 4 snippets  ….


Save the Red Robinson Theatre


Elvis Presley: a life in photos

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