Elvis Presley: The Soundtrack Sixties

Teenaged Elvis worked as an usher in the movie theatre, sweet talking the girl clerks into giving him candy and getting into a fight with another male usher.

The movie theatre was where he sought sanctuary when “That’s Allright Mama” debuted on the radio and the infamous, phone and footrace to the radio station for his first ever interview. “I go to Humes High”….

Jimmy: So, you're gonna be on the S.S. Mount Vernon tonight, are you Elvis? Elvis: Yep. Jimmy: Have you ever worked on a boat before? Elvis: Nope. Jimmy: I imagine you're looking forward to this, aren't you? Elvis: Yep. Dean later remembered the interview as 'possibly the worst I've ever done'. - See more at: http://www.elvispresleymusic.com.au/pictures/1956_march_23.html#sthash.RrM6gfoK.dpuf   see full article: http://www.elvispresleymusic.com.au/pictures/1956_march_23.html

Jimmy: So, you’re gonna be on the S.S. Mount Vernon tonight, are you Elvis?
Elvis: Yep.
Jimmy: Have you ever worked on a boat before?
Elvis: Nope.
Jimmy: I imagine you’re looking forward to this, aren’t you?
Elvis: Yep.
Dean later remembered the interview as ‘possibly the worst I’ve ever done’.
– See more at: http://www.elvispresleymusic.com.au/pictures/1956_march_23.html#sthash.RrM6gfoK.dpuf see full article: http://www.elvispresleymusic.com.au/pictures/1956_march_23.html

It took Elvis a while before he was able to run rings on live TV versus Hy Gardner, the Talkie Interview Host of the day.

Coming out of the Army – Elvis recorded his most blues jazz tinted album and then checked out of music and into movies – where, he recorded some music from other cultures:

  1. German Folk
  2. Latino/Bossa Nova
  3. Dance Fads – Do the Clam was not ever going to be The Twist
  4. Hawaiian/Polynesian into Calypso

Elvis let loose his inner Dean Martin and did a better Mario Lanza.


Elvis out of the army and back in – Hollywood salutes our Serving Celebrities!


Elvis stepped into a picture that Brando turned down and Flaming Star yielded an EP with cut songs left to be collected on the Legendary Performer Series by Joan Deary. She was an RCA sectary who took over Elvis after Steve Sholes, but Felton Jarvis was record producer.

Joan only sat in a tiny room with a tape recorder to make sure RCA had a recording of the Hawaii concert.

Small Town Scandals made Peyton Place a big hit movie and Wild in the Country was the Elvis film in the Teens Gone Wild Genre.

EP11COMBO FlamingStarEP

GI Blues did big box office and Wild in the Country & Flaming Star not so much, so Patriot Elvis was packed off to Hawaii to promote upper middle class tourism to the nation’s newest state.

This was the movie that The Presley Picture Formula was born: Blue Hawaii


Elvis turned down The Westside Story, it won the grammy while Blue Hawaii owned the charts.


Two soundtrack EPs followed –

Follow That Dream – one of Elvis’ best movies. Libertarians vs Gubbermint.

Kid Galahad – a Hollywood remake – Elvis and Joan Blackman from Blue Hawaii.

Elvis-Presley-Fun-In-Acapulco--555599 Elvis-Presley-Girls-Girls-Girls-369504 Elvis-Presley-It-Happened-At-Th-522137

Elvis sings and fights for Girls Girls Girls in Hawaii and Acapulco (well, he was in LA) then to promote American transportation planes to space at the World’s Fair.

il_570xN.420519563_mldt KissinCouGroup -Kissin-Cousins-elvis-presley-18970456-800-320

Kissin Cousins was the first really serious WTF? (also, my guilty pleasure fave Elvis Flick)

Hillbillies vs Gubbermint with a bit of funny world play with ICBM that was positively vaudevillia.

The best blues song in the movie was Granny and it’s not on the album.

ann_margret_elvis_presley_7 ftd_vivalasvegas_big

1963 Ann-Margaret makes Elvis totally carbonated and beyond shook up.

He tried to share his agent with her and she is the only one he ever tried to get back.

They sang in the movie, but the songs remained on screen and in the vaults until after Elvis died.

The last Elvis disc released in both stereo and mono was Roustabout, thus the Mono  Soundtrack becomes curiously valuable, being the last. Elvis would be Stereo with a dalliance with Quadrophonic in the 1970s

MI0003126636 0088697615902_500X500 elvis-presley-tickle-me-372399

Tickle Me was one of the Save the Studio movies, and used already recorded Elvis songs from Elvis is Back, so it has a better than the average soundtrack.

81+xisfkwoL._SL1500_ elvis_harumscarum_grande

Elvis in costume popcorn flicks – a bit of Ragtime Broadway and Desert Serenading

220px-SpinoutElvisAlbum EPCD035 EPCD132 latest

Hawaii taps out for the third and final time and a more grown up Elvis begins to emerge – less trying to prove himself at something and win the girl or be happy with his life and avoid the girl – he searches for treasure or get caught up in someone else’s problem in a caper on the road kinda way.

220px-ClambakeElvisAlbum  R-4008822-1352154036-8363.jpeg


The Presley Pictures ended with racing boats, horse rodeoing and racing cars.

Elvis would return to tv and basically, recap his movies with concert performances.

He finished his movie career disillusioned and finally doing more meaningful movies ironically. Too bad he phoned it in and just appeared in, rather than starred.


26623 Charro Rubberneckin'_by_Elvis_Presley

The movie era was over, on 45 singles, not even EPs for EP, eh?

Elvis’ final movies – he was an innercity doctor, a carnival manager big top man, an outlaw spaghetti western and a swinging sixties sex comedy.

this movie track wasn;t even a single and when it was used in the soundtrack for a remake of Ocean’s Eleven, it put Elvis back on the charts.

Elvis will never go out of fashion, it wasn’t his style. It was him, the vulnerability and the danger – mostly that voice.

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