ElvisWorld: Gatorade

A water based drink with salts for high physical performers. sold to the general public. 

it is like drinking purified urine really.

Science of Summer: How exhausted students gave us Gatorade

A look at how summer heat created the world’s biggest sports drink: Gatorade. #sports
Science of Summer: How exhausted students gave us Gatorade
in any event, it was invented in the 1960s at the University of Florida
by a prof at the Florida university for the football team.
the university passed on the patent.

outside of sports, Elvis Presley was known for 1970s on stage use

and then the bottled drinks made from tapwater sometimes with fruit juice hit the markets big time

in the 1980s and 1990s.. Australian Koala Springs, New York Seltzer Water, Canadian Spring – flavoured water and carbonated.. I still can’t believe France got away with marketing as ‘from the bowels of the earth” Perrier…
piss n vinegar marketing and mass manipulations.

9 Negative Effects of Sports Drinks – The Daily Meal

Oct 11, 2013 – So before you reach for your next bottle on your way to the gym, consider the following negative effects of sports drinks. You may find yourself …

Trade sports drinks for water – Harvard Health Blog – Harvard Health …

http://www.health.harvard.edu › Harvard Health Blog

Jul 30, 2012 – Before the rise of sports drinks, athletes (and the rest of us) drank water when we …. Protecting children from the dangers of “virtual violence”.

Is Gatorade Bad for You? – Healthline

http://www.healthline.com › Food & Nutrition

Mar 23, 2015 – It’s marketed as a sports drink, but Gatorade isn’t only being consumed by athletes. Children drink it at lunch or after soccer practice, and it has even developed … Ginseng and Pregnancy: Safety, Risks, and Recommendations.

see also: 

What happens to your body 24 hours after drinking Red Bull? Chart …

http://www.mirror.co.uk › News › Technology & Science › Red Bull

Aug 13, 2015 – Getty Austrian beverage energy drink cans of Red Bull. … But side effects from Red Bull can include headaches irritability nd even constipation.

Red Bull Drink Raises Red Flag – ABC News


But is it potentially dangerous? Swedish officials are investigating the deaths of three young people who are believed to have been drinking Red Bull. Two of the …

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