Elvis Presley Duets …

Elvis Presley was a male vocalist, a performer. His only appearance singing with others as a performer was on the Steve Allen show in a satire of Hee Haw Culture.

There is nothing more evident that Col Parker had no idea about Elvis’ audience, or maybe he did – the fan fury over Elvis being humiliated by the Urban Steve Allen and his New York Ways, Big Entertainment Threatened by the New Kid.


In the movies, when Elvis did sing with his leading lady, for the soundtrack, there was an Elvis only version. It’s not like these songs were going to chart or would have been Elvis songs outside of the movies – extended music videos with muzak versions of what Elvis had done before.

GI Blues outsold Elvis is Back, so even within Elvis circles, there is no accounting for taste.


a couple of christmases ago, Sony release the first ever official Elvis duets – remixed and edited in female vocalists. a pity Paul McCartney and Cliff Richards were left out… although… maybe not so much Cliff now, eh.


Various Women singers either duetted or backgrounded or diva’d over Elvis already recorded track. It really varied in enjoyment track to track and this was a multi-national release with a differing lineup in Australia, the UK and Canada to the USA and rest of world release.

the commonwealth was well included – Olivia Netwon-John and Anne Murray along with a Canadian singer from Quebec. American women singers from country and pop.

there was an unofficial release of Elvis duets – mostly from the movies and the infamous alternating track 10 inch from Brazil: Janis and Elvis dating back to the 1960s


if EPE really wanted to put Elvis back on the charts, do an Elvis and Lisa Marie album;

oh wait, there was this drubbing Elvis gave back the establishment, before he totally enlisted for the 1960s, emerging again on this date – December 3, leather clad and rocking.






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