Presley Pictures: The 50s Four

Before there was The Presley Picture – Scenery, Songs, Girls and a fight scene – there was Elvis in the movies.


What a different path he might  have had if Rainmaker had been his first movie.

Love Me Tender

Instead, we see Elvis smacked down by Hollywood to playing a not old enough to be a rebel younger brother with anger management issues – but who eventually dies for love of his brother mostly, but also the family’s greater happiness.

Viewed from a Northern Perspective, Elvis is the white violent scary black man among many.


Loving You

Elvis is a hick country boy who accidently becomes famous he’s taken advantage of by a slick older PR woman. Mostly a sanitized version of Elvis’ own story with a nice Freedom of Speech fight city hall with an all American finish of being put on TV for the only court that matters – public opinion.

Jailhouse Rock

The pinnacle of the rocksploitation films starrin the penultimate rock star.

A reverse of Loving You, this time, Elvis is supposed to be a thug – it’s hard in 2014 to view a man who defends a woman from being assaulted as a villain – and he does less time in jail for manslaughter than his cellmate does for robbing a bank.

In any case, this time, Cad Elvis gets famous, treats every bad and then gets beat up to learn a lesson.

Funnily enough, Elvis swallowed a crown during filming so the idea of the lost voice was a real fear. It was removed from his lung.


King Creole

A car crash resulted in this movie about a boxer being turned into a movie about a singer.

Elvis got a draft deferral to complete what would have been his hero James Dean’s next movie.

A middle class kid on the wrong side of the tracks stumbles the line between crime and entertainment to restore his family.




In his first four flicks –


Love Me Tender was a period piece endlessly navel gazing on US internal social political issues. A decent enough western.


Loving You and Jailhouse Rock were high production value rocksplotiation popcorn flicks.


King Creole was a serious melodrama with high art merit.


When Elvis was part of an A List Cast it was a movie.

When Elvis was the only name or co-starring with a fading name, it was a Presley Picture.


Basically, if Elvis is the reason of the movie… Presely Picture.

if you could see someone else being in the role, it was a movie.


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