Elvisbooks: I Don’t Wanna Be Tied

A new book – written in Dutch – examines in a humorous manner, the body language of Elvis. I Don’t Wanna Be Tied

What’s funny is that this could easily have been a serious book about body language and facial/micro expressions.

The seductive facial expressions, the eyelash batting especially, the shoulder wiggling suggesting “down below” movements, the come hither and press against me – Not so much Alpha male, but Beta or Charlie softer and appealing, repackaged maleness dependent on a female gaze.

Elvis didn’t move to the music so much as the music formed around him.

DJ Fontana, drummer, said that they were the only band who was conducted by an ass and he meant Elvis’ actual behind.

Elvis moved in the studio and Scotty, Bill and DJ knew what to play based on how Elvis moved and he was rather spontaneous, the burlesque ending of this performance was entirely unplanned and you can see the band racing to keep up.

Elvis Presley didn’t just sing, he embodied music with his whole body in complete engagement and wholesale abandonment to the moment.


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