Elvis Presley: The Concert Years


Man on the Moon


Elvis returned to the concert stage and reinvented Vegas from a Gangster Gambler Town to a Family Vacation Destination.

1969_on_stage Elvis Presley

He was the first and only performer who sold out the theatres, filled the hotels and emptied the casinos.


Fuck Jackson’s planned 50 shows at one venue over 6 months (sold out to ticket brokers and not bums in seats)-people bought to have the ticket to the last show he gave or the first one he didn’t. It turned out to be Concert #1.

How lucky Jackson had had the rehearsals filmed, almost like he planned it that way. Whacko Jacko should have gotten therapy for his childhood issues, not impacted other people’s children.

Elvis sold out 53 back to back shows in a three week run. Two shows a Day and Three on Sundays.

Worshipers of all ages and nations welcome, eh?

elvis_69_july31 lv69-08

Riding reinvigorated by the 1968 tv special – Elvis celebrated with a interesting release.

From Vegas to Memphis and Memphis to Vegas

a live album and a studio album released as a double LP in a gatefold or as two single albums; all.at.the.same.time.

the front and back of the double and the covers of the single albums

220px-From_Memphas_to_Vegas 220px-From_Vegas_to_Memphis elvis-memphis-to-vegas-lsp-6020-gatefold-w-bonus-photos-rca-rigid-orange-mint_1998902 inside the gatefold

Elvis did over 1,000 concerts between the summer of 1969 and June 26 1977.

The concert albums that Elvis approved the release of where the 1969 return album, the 1970 On Stage, A Madison Square show recorded by RCA but not filmed during Elvis on Tour, and it seems to have stood in for a soundtrack and the 1974 Elvis hometown Memphis concert.

RCA edited the shows to fit the LP so it would wait for the CD era for the full concerts to be released. Also almost every single concert was recorded by the soundboardist or some fans in the audience. There exists a bootleg for practially every Elvis show.

Elvis-Presley-On-Stage-240107As recorded at Madison Square81wCIFZ05YL._SL1500_   Thats the way it iselvis-on-tour-movie-poster-1972-1020144199

Elvis made 2 concert movies – the first about Elvis and his fans, the second just about Elvis.

And, there was the three soundtrack albums to his three TV specials.

frmlp4088 Elvis_Presley_Aloha_From_Hawaii_Quadradisc elvis in concert album Aloha_from_Hawaii_Via_Satellite

the 1968 Christmas special became known as The Comeback Special – the Aloha concert – done to avoid a world tour – was released as a double LP in stereo and the audiopile fad of the day Quadrophonic sound.

then, the last double LP from this final tours and the tv special that Parker set up to try to shake Elvis out of his blues funk.

It was really the first time, Elvis didn’t pull himself together and 6 weeks later, he was gone.

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