ElvisWorld: Elvis in the 80s

Elvis Albums – the 80s significant releases

Elvis The Legendary Performer vol 3 was the first picture disc that RCA issued. This series of albums was most live recordings, studio outtakes and unreleased movie songs.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Elvis Guitarman was a country theme album created by removing the original music and updating the early 70s funkycounty sound to a more Nashville 80s one – at the time artists like Canada’s kd lang, and America’s Dwight Yokum and Lyle Lovette were reviving a traditional country with a punk undertone – cowpunk.


Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Elvis Aaron Presley and The Golden Celebration was a collector’s heaven of the audio from Elvis’s tv appearances, the tupelo shows and the pearl harbor show – themed albums include one while side of just elvis singing and him playing piano.
 Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

in the late 80s, RCA finally gave Elvis a serious artist treatment with the release of these four albums

a collection of all his number ones, his top tens, all the sun masters with outtakes and the seminal Elvis in Memphis album.

interestingly, the double LP versions had more tracks than their cd counterparts.

the early marketing of cds was to include more songs than on the album

albums have a shorter playing time while a cd contains up to 78 mins of music data.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Viva Las Elvis

Toni Basil Talks “Viva Las Vegas”!:

Toni Basil, now unbelievably 71 years old, is still most famous for her chart-topping ‘Mickey’ anthem from 1982.

She is also known for her work as a choreographer, dancer and actress.
But who knew that Toni Basil really was “That Girl with the Red Dress On” who could “do-the-dog all night long” in Elvis’ film ‘Viva Las Vegas’?
Here Toni Basil talks about working with Elvis and more…

“I remember the feeling when I first walked onto set and met Elvis. In fact I was the assistant choreographer on Viva with David Winters – and I got to work with Elvis prudently developing the dances that he did.

Over the months of rehearsing with Ann-Margret and Elvis, David Winters and I became close friends with them. David and I worked on most of the musical numbers for the film.

For ‘What’d I Say?’ I even got to be the “girl with the red dress on”! —

The great George Sydney directed this film. Lance Le Gault was playing guitar in Elvis’ movie band but he worked more as a right hand man in the film and was always Elvis’ “stand-in”. David, Lance and I put together the choreography and then taught it to Elvis and Ann-Margret separately before we brought them together.

Looking back at the film I can also recognise plenty of other dancers I know including, Teri Garr, Pete Menefee, Sharon Garret Brooks, and Lorene Yarnell.

So it was almost twenty years later that I got the massive success of ‘Mickey’. But afterwards I then went back to choreographing for stars like David Bowie, Tina Turner, Bette Midler.

You know, it’s quite rewarding being behind-the-scenes and you don’t have to get into make-up and the right shoes and be the star.

People do not really realise how difficult it is to be a celebrity performer, like Elvis, Tina Turner, Bette Midler or David Bowie. It’s a lot of hard work.”

EIN NOTE – Toni Basil also worked with The Talking Heads and on big films including, ‘American Graffiti’, ‘The Rose’, ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’, ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’.
(News, Source;C Bamford/ElvisInfoNet)


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