ElvisWorld: Elvis is actually going to Appear Dead on Stage

“This is my first live show, I’ve appeared dead before” Elvis Presley, 1969, the year he returned to the concert stage,

1969_las_vegas_col_parker cc1969-4 elvis_69_13 elvis_69_july31 Elvis_Files_Vol5_1969a elvis_opening_night_1969x elvis_playing_guitar_1969 elvis69 gallery_21960_21_89478 images opening01

the USA landed on the moon and the hippies had a music festival in the mud.


Elvis’ first return to stage, post death was on a Video Screen with as many as the original TCB Band and Back Up Groups as were willing to put the Old Act Together.

Then, Tupac Shakur was Holgrammed – the First of the Music Gods to arise.

Elvis Presley is being Techno Resurrected as a Performing Hologram.

Like Col Parker said to Joe Esposito, when Joe said “Col Elvis is dead.”

“This does change anything.”

Parker headed to Memphis to make Vernon sign a new contract to represent the Elvis Presley Brand.

Vernon Presley was trying to cope with the loss of his son and Dr Nick getting him to sign off on paperwork to cover up the autopsy and cover his ass, soon to be exposed on 20/20 in 1978 by Geraldo Rivera….

Elvis had turned into his Mother Gladys, and depression ate and self medicated himself to death. Gladys drank, like a lot of the Smith family.

The man who once ruled Las Vegas could be returning to the stage next year in a new way thanks to the wonders of modern technology. According..  inquisitr.com
  •   Creepy but interesting….
  •  my thoughts as well
  •  Love it( I think). But agree with Burgos. Maybe A little creepy!

Col Parker put out the Elvis on Stage album, Elvis’s in between song jokes, sometimes funny stories and mostly there was a reason why bits don’t get a professional release.

Elvis wasn’t willing to record, and he resented the concerts recorded, so a lot of it was to wreck the release factor. Oh well. There is no bottom market in Elvis Presley, ultimate long tail.

RCA ended up releasing Parker’s only for sale at concerts LP and eventually, a Digital Era Bootlegger, continuing as Parker’s Boxcar – extended the series.

220px-Havingfun 130406414386 Cash-in15 cd_having_fun_on_stage_2011_09_22

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Elvis tour map elvis-on-stage-1970 Elvis-Presley-Having-Fun-With-E-413601 Elvis-Presley-Having-Fun-With-E-413603 elvis-presley-usa-having-fun-with-elvis-on-stage-cpm1-0818--[3]-48819-p Fun 20th anniversary CD funwithelvis.0 Having fun with Elvis on stage vol 5 vk_jpeg

So.. gotta wonder, how real is the Hologram experience going to be.

Frankly, I can see a market for eratic Elvis…..

Will Elvis Impersonators and Elvis Tribute Artists protest or be thrown out of work?

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3 Responses to ElvisWorld: Elvis is actually going to Appear Dead on Stage

  1. dykewriter says:

    Elvis spoken word only LP a weird… seriously.. you really only play it once…


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