Elvis Presley: The Final RCA Releases

When Elvis Presley died, RCA had to turn over 50% of their production lines to Elvis product. People waited in line at stores to buy albums they would have turned their noses up weeks before. For hours.

Afterwards, RCA kept shotgunning out titles. Col Parker was correct not only did Elvis’ death change nothing – but Show Producers are now openly talking about how much better a hologram performer is than a real one.

elvis_ap1 Elvis-Presley-Elvis-Aron-Presle-247807

The Limited run of only 100,000 copies ever LP set. Now also in CD.

Elvis Collectibles: Elvis Aaron Presley

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The first official collection of 1950s concerts and tv appearances. And the magical alternative SUN versions to the singles.

ElvisWorld: Elvis in the 80s

60smasters-usa93-box1 220px-Walkamileinmyshoesbox 114333170  elvis-presley-biography-49 elvis-presley-biography-50  Elvis-Presley-From-Nashville-To-236702 elvis-command

Elvis Masters: RCA/BMG vs Sony

RCA morphed into BMG and they released a 5 cd set spanning each Elvis Decade of his best material, the 60s set spawned a sequel 2 disc release.

the last album that one could call a soundtrack, a studio live… just Elvis

107243838_this-is-elvis-1981-elvis-presley-daybill-movie-poster- Elvis-Presley-This-Is-Elvis-106649 This_is_elvis

The Legendary Performer Series gave way to The Essential Elvis series.

Reconsider Baby focused on Elvis blues material and if only he had delved more into those songs, Elvis got depressed and he was a sucker for country corny and sentimental weepies.

After all, country is mostly moaning about how much you’ve fucked up your life and the blues is about coping with how fucked life is, so they both say. drink and screw.

rock n roll, was original slang for sex – it was the sex and fun in celebration of youth and enthusiasm not yet worn down by age and experience.

1983-10-31lprcacpl14848elvisalegendaryperformervol4 elvis-presley-albums-9 Elvis-Presley-Elvis-The-Hillbil-370917 Elvis-Presley-I-Was-The-One-520171 R-3844106-1346610799-1935.jpeg R-3846487-1346693236-8067.jpeg

elvis_presley-essential_elvis MI00014710684180N462FWL

Elvis Complete Masters

Sun Records – Hail to the King

MusicWorld: The Holy Grail of Rock n Roll

The only song Elvis had banned from Canada radio

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There was a 2 volume set – Our Memories of Elvis released – these were undubbed masters supposedly picked by Vernon and Parker

cd_ourmemories_12 Elvis-Presley-Our-Memories-Of-E-373139 ftd_MemoriesCVx

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