Elvisbooks: Alanna Nash

Alanna Nash is a prolific Elvis Presley biographer; in addition to Elvis, she has bio’d Col Tom Parker and Dolly Parton.


On my original blog, I reviewed her “Baby Let’s Play House” book and am pleased to say, my review completely offended her. 🙂

Review: Baby, Let’s Play House

Not the excellent Sun single – as re-released by RCA: But the recent and controversial Alanna Nash book: Nash has written two previous Elvis books – Revelations from the Memphis Mafia and what I am pretty sure is the only … Continue reading


I have her three Elvis related books and for the most part they are well done, with a rather more phallus than phonograph focus of male biographers, if you grok, stylus, snerk.

ElvisWorld: Bill Burke on Elvis and “Little Elvis”

From the Elvis Information Net site: Elvis World’s Bill Burk has finally tracked down the November issue of Playboy and read the full set of claims made by Byron Raphael in his article with Alanna Nash, In Bed With Elvis. … Continue reading


From the Memphis Mafia, Nash draws from the Marty Lacker- Lamar Fike Disciples.Marty Lacker wrote his Elvis book in the 1980s, and since then has been both a Nash source and he generously does a Q&A on the Elvisinfonet site. He was friendly with Fike – who first contributed to the Albert Goldman Lurid Bio, tried to regain fan appreciation by being a Nash source and shortly before his death, published his own bio of Elvis in the 2000’s. It was the first book by an inner circle member that I didn’t buy.

41ZN5-Pb6BL._SX291_BO1,204,203,200_ book_fike_2008_med Elvis by Albert Goldman

All the MM Guys have written about Elvis conducting orgies in which they were just happened to be there, while assuring that they are doing it in the interests of something other than money and that they are still maintaining a silence on the really juicy stuff – of which there is only two things left: one is Elvis Presley was probably bisexual. Something that would have ended his career then, but is not really an issue for celebrities, and even not really an issue in later Elvis fan generations, it actually makes him more interesting. Jailhouse Rock, after all, first queer rock #1 song.

The other Disciples being Red West and Sonny West (of The Bodyguard book fame and Sonny’s more recent balanced bio

Then there are The Official EPE Disciples Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling with sometimes George Klein. Joe has released many books and his home movies, and these three are regular “Elvis speakers”

The splinter disciples:  Charlie Hodge (deceased, did own book about Elvis), Sam Thompson (became a judge and regularly offers himself for interviews). Dick Grob, wrote a conspiracy book about Elvis….and the always outlier – Larry Geller and his 3 or 4 books Elvis would have written – tend to determine which Elvis Fandom one is in.

Which, leads to the only other thing that could be said and makes Elvis fandom go completely berserk. Elvis was most likely molested by Gladys in his childhood, his famed closeness with her, the ultimate gay stereotype, and their reversed roles of caretaker, their constant touching and private language.

The reality is that Elvis would be mortified to know what is not only known but thought of him: that he liked underaged girls- Elvis was terrified by prison – Vernon had been in prison and Parker wasn’t going to lose his mealticket over some girl.

Urban Dictionary: edging

Coming nearly close to climax or ejaculation,then purposefully stopping sexual stimulation in order to delay the same, so that the ultimate climax …

Elvis famously was into the “bases” more than the score. The King of Foreplay – sex with Elvis sounds a lot like lesbian sex, so something else het men should pay attention to with Elvis as a role model.

Urban Dictionary: elvis


You are a free american today, because of Elvis‘ greatness. If for nothing else America was known as the birthpace of Elvis. Elvis AAron Presley- Lisa Maries …

this post especially, the only “biographer” to really go there was Dee Stanley-Presley, and despite the number of books she and her 3 sons have churned out, she really only shared it on Geraldo Rivera’s plethora of talk shows.

Urban Dictionary: fat elvis


eating a cheeseburger while taking a shit and recieving oral pleasure all at the same time. Jane gives the best fat elvis‘ in town! by kenny July 27, 2004. 14858.

Oh and one historian: Elaine Dundy


Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?

Give us this day, Sept 4, our Daily Elvis 1948 Elvis filled in the blank lines of his parent’s marriage certificate with his own name and that of “Magdline” Morgan, a girl he knew from church. He wrote in September … Continue reading



ElvisWorld: The Memphis Mafia origins

When Elvis started on the road, it was Elvis with Scotty Moore and Bill Black – by the time DJ Fontana joined the band onstage – Elvis was in a second car with his cousin Gene Smith and Red West. … Continue reading



Urban Dictionary: velvet elvis


velvet elvis. A conte crayon or chalk drawing using white conte/chalk in a way that makes the drawing look too “slick,” often as a result of using too much of the …

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  8. EnglishLitGeek says:

    I loved the Alanna Nash book Revelations. It was a real eye-opener. Now I am reading Peter Guralnick books on Elvis. He is the best biographer on Elvis and music history.

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