Presley Pictures: Under the Big Top

220px-RoustaboutElvis MI0003126636

Elvis Presley was the first actor to get a percentage of the box office and the only lead actor who never had script approval.

For a guy who played the street corners in Memphis, hung out in Black Churches and Clubs, he was pretty timid around the White Establishment he was so desperate to be a part of.

Hal Wallis used Presley Puff Pictures to finance Serious Films. He even joked to the press that the Presley movies could be numbered instead of titled and only Presley and Disney were a sure boxoffice.

The Good Elvis movies have production values and the Bad Ones are not quite bad enough to be campy, but maybe… given digital… Harum Scarum could have that talking camel, perhaps as a narrator that none of the characters can hear? Col Parker had some good ideas and PR exploition was his wheelhouse.

As for Roustabout, I think Mae West would have been better than Barbara Stanwick.

017 barbara_stanwyck_elvis_barbara_stanwyck_in_roustabout_nnIKuyy.sized

Elvis played the perpetual outsider, hustler drifter biker karate singing guy.

Later, Elvis and Barbara meet again when he is tapped for money for the Actor’s retirement fund. Giving them final roles in his movies and underwriting the industry wasn’t enough apparently.

Elvis takes a set break from playing a Riverboat Singing Gambler in Frankie and Johnny to donate to Barbara and Frank Sinatra, eh?

32871783713403b71a5440b5cda12032 BarbaraStanwyck1

Mae West of course had been the onscreen minx with the fast delivery, because mostly… everyone was.. so slow.. she is almost of out sync with her own films.

shedonehimwrong West and Grant

women get Gloria Swansoned out at 40, but Mae wasn’t letting the 1960s go by without her

mae-west-and-cary-grant-in-the-late-50s wayoutwest01

Anyway… even Ethel Merman took a circus turn

250px-ChristmasInJuly_DVD Ethel_Merman_Rudolph_And_Frostys_Christmas_In_July_1979-500x372

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