ElvisWorld: Joan Deary

1955 Elvis Presley was signed to RCA and Joan Deary began working as a secretary to Steve Sholes.

houston_tapebox Joan Deary on Elvis

1973 Joan Deary sat in a tiny room and recorded the Aloha Hawaii special so RCA had an album to rush release – the covers pre-printed with a photo of Elvis from Madison Square Garden.

in the late 1970s, she launched The Legendary Performer Series of albums, RCA did them for all their big hit earners.

cd_ourmemoriesofelvis_12 presley_elvis_guitarman-800x800

Then in the 1980s, Joan Deary took over the Elvis Presley portfolio and began with a search of Graceland. She found the Million Dollar Quartet tape copied Elvis had been given and the 1950s Tupelo concert – including an interview with his parents.

Home tapes. Lots of home tapes. From a People Magazine article:

She acknowledges that some fans accuse RCA of milking the Elvis legacy by recycling his old material and letting out new findings in dribs and drabs. And Deary, who is in her 50s (she won’t reveal her age), admits there’s enough material to last her lifetime. But she defends RCA’s policy. “I won’t just take 10 unreleased and unrelated songs and slap them together just to have a release,” she says. “It has to have a valid artistic concept.”

cd_joandearytapes_front gallery_21960_23_5713

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