Writer Chat: Evolution

Melanie Ann Campbell

The Evolutionary Stages of Mankind

1. Spectrum – light passes through a mass of discharged matter from a long dead star on its way to earth…traces of bacteria adhere to this light and survive with determination.

2. Bacteria – settles into the dominant state of earth, the water, where salt in the water preserves the tiny particles.

3. Plants – absorb bacteria into their cellular structure…and as the waters of earth evaporate and land masses form, these plants leave the oceans, root in soil and thrive.

4. Light – Continues to amass more bacteria and deposit it on earth, where it combines with the existing plants, grows tendrils, which in time become body parts.

5. Body Parts – evolve and break away from mother earth and their plant parent, continue to grow and shape until a humanoid is formed.

6. Humanoid – sheds its hairy layer as the earth warms, uses plants to create covers as protection from the sun, thus blocking the absorption of new bacteria.

7. – Modern Man – emerges from this loss of new bacterial infusion and dominates the world with force and strength, until all humans adhere to the principles of intelligence of man being superior to all other earthen creatures.

8. Spectrum – light passes through a mass of discharged matter and gathers a new strain of bacteria capable of passing through the covers man uses to conceal his body. Man’s superiority is tested, as plants and animals absorb this bacteria and strengthen, while man develops debilitating illnesses and dies.

Moral: Mankind’s dominance is a mindset, and the plants and animals are the true inheritors of the earth. They don’t practice politics, do share in the largesse of their planet, and use human remains as fertilizer to continue their growth.

Summary: Mankind is fertilizer to guarantee the survival of the earth.


Nina Tryggvason


you can’t have light in position 4

light is energy and that is life


Allex I Spires


4. Light – Continues to amass more bacteria and deposit it on earth, where it combines with the existing plants, grows tendrils, which in time become body parts.

Light is Electromagnetic radiation. And it is stuff. When irradiated such as by an X-Ray, a nuclear blast or a suntanning session, miniscule parts of stuff as large as visible dust particles (including bits of animals, plants, rocks, and people)is energized to the point it breaks away and starts moving at the speed of light. For example all the light from the sun is highly energized hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron, and silicon propelled at the speed of light.

Also, sunlight is absorbed by plants and is eaten by animals, including people it assists in the processes of life. But it isn’t life, itself.

Energy is not a form of life… life is a form of energy. A static charge can make a dead frogs legs dance and make your hair stand on end or make coffee grounds cling to the side of a can. But that doesn’t mean the dead frogs legs, the hair, or the coffee is alive.

Life is a very strict processing of energy and mass transforming one to the other and back, like how our bodies extract hydrogen from our food and send it to our brains that convert the hydrogen into electrical impulses.


Nina Tryggvason

life is energy

mass is energy contained


try asking what a person means

instead of quoting data lacking context


Allex I Spires


You said,

light is energy and that is life

I said,
“Energy is not a form of life… life is a form of energy.”

And now you agree with me:
life is energy

The only quote I quoted was yours.


Nina Tryggvason

You are approaching this from the small trivial detail end

I was doing a god view


Allex I Spires

What do you mean? Do you mean nothing is anything and everything is the same as everything else, things don’t become things and evolution and mutation don’t occur, time is an illusion and mass and energy are one under all circumstances, black is white and light is sound, matter and antimatter are exactly the same thing and dark matter and dark energy are as tangible as dandelions? Is that what you mean?


Nina Tryggvason

that’s a pretty good articulation

I was not quite that clear in my head

makes sense to me


well mutations occur and evolution is real




Andrew Wells

Do not get why this is supposed to be funny.


Melanie Ann Campbell

It is supposed to be however it strikes you….

Nina Tryggvason

as a sciencification of genesis and not well disguised

and wholly incorrect

Eric Stark

The Evolutionary Stages of Mankind

1. Denial and Isolation – we leave the cover of the forest and the protection of the Old Gods who affirmed our connection to the Natural world and our place in it. We forget

2. Anger – we find ourselves vulnerable to and afraid of the elements beasts we once worshiped and cherished. We burned the dark woods, killed the beasts, erected fortresses and designed weapons of war–the better to kill one another for fear they would replace us or take our possessions. Yet the guilt consumes us and we move to stage 3:

3. Bargaining – wherein we attempt to regain control through worship of and deference to our Higher Power, which at once frees us from our guilt and confirms our blind purpose. We achieve dominance, both divine and technological, and whatever the cost our bargain is a life beyond the Natural world we so mercilessly cast aside.

4. Depression – we realize we are alone, that life is cold and meaningless and that the Universe has granted us neither dominance nor the affirmation of the afterlife. Our politics has become ineffectual, we watch ourselves slowly but surely destroying what so long ago had been so precious. Perhaps we have erred. Perhaps it is too late.

5. Acceptance – we are not alone. We are not necessarily happy but we are at peace. We realize our dominance is both literal and imaginary–and temporary. Our time is brief and whatever Power we have prayed to will not save us from death or from ourselves. It is wholly upon us to get by and get along, so long as we wish for Life rather than worship Death. We finally realize that we are animals, as we once were and that although we are not necessary, we are special and it has become our unasked for duty to preserve that in which we are but a link. We were born from star dust and to that dust we will return.

Moral: Life, Nature, the Universe–these things are amoral and will carry on happily without us. If we wish to be a further part, we have to accept our role as nourishing fertilizer and celebrate it.

Summary: Mankind is a fiction, invented by Mankind in order to justify Its existence, Its follies and misdeeds. But It is a fiction in process and not etched in stone.


Andrew Wells

The better answer!






I had made a video to go with this post, but either I can’t locate it or I didn’t actually record it.


So this is from the same writer’s office as https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/writer-chat-god/ is from.


Most of the people in this office on the zoetrope site are Americans, there’s some Brits and a smattering of Canadians.


In North America, Christianity is the dominate religion that threaten the social fabric and welfare so it tends to dominate the conversation.


But there is something else that is unique to America and American Culture and Americans.


it is the inability to allow anyone else their opinion, never mind room for it.





personally, I am glad that world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones



I can’t take the stress of this undeclared world war 3








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