Context is King

The Rule

  • Robert Peate “reach on the top”?
  • Nina Tryggvason translation issues I am sure
  • Robert Peate Yeah, if you’re going to translate Hitler to make him look bad (not that this quotation does) . . . don’t make yourself look bad with a bad translation. zomg
  • Nina Tryggvason Ahhhh yeah it does. it means not understanding rules and why – and only imposing your ideology on everyone. this is a very disturbing quote, given the givens of what he did
  • Nina Tryggvason lawful evil only care for the rules, not their quality, only their efficiency
  • Robert Peate Abraham Lincoln advocated obeying unjust laws while working to change them. The quotations are practically the same.
  • Nina Tryggvason No and I am shocked you do not see the distinction. Lincoln asserted the status quo until he could change it for the better and to be more inclusive. Hitler was the opposite
  • Robert Peate Yes, Hitler was evil and Lincoln was good. I am discussing the meanings of their quotations. Do not feel shocked; that is what English teachers do.
  • Nina Tryggvason further the recognition of injustice and correction is very different from dominance and imposition
  • Nina Tryggvason a surface and shallow reading of “follow the rules until you make them” is not enough. quotes out of context and context is King.
  • Robert Peate Yes, the only difference I see is “reach to the top”. Lincoln was not as specific, though it certainly requires leadership to change laws. Surely there is nothing wrong with leadership?
  • Robert Peate Yes, and context is different from “what the quotations mean”.
  • Nina Tryggvason in and of itself, no. It depends on the caliber and quality of the leader. This is why I am disturbed by people who admire the “courage of convictions” with no quality assessment or understanding real world impact of said convictions are
  • Nina Tryggvason You cannot separate a quote from it’s context or you devoid it of meaning.
  • Nina Tryggvason This is the arguement I had with my english profess in university about Thomas Wyatt poems. the poems were informed by his life. so you can’t really separate the interpretations
  • Robert Peate As I said above, this quotation does not make Hitler look bad. You admit it yourself: Hitler makes the quotation look bad–not the other way around.
  • Nina Tryggvason well really, there’s enough global context that Hilter alone is bad, no words needed

Further reading:

rules they have exceptions:

Vegetarians and power

when “rule” means a population average or a general observation that holds true for the most part

rather than rule meaning legislation, policy and directives and process/application manuals

then you have the more causal concept of rules as a behavioral code, most famously the het gals various manuals to get into relationships  and other self help motivational workshops type stuff and pop psyche bumper sticker mentality

which, I have to be somewhat chagrined over, given how much Facebook inspiration porn has played in my recovery process to get positive messages from any source, given the messages that I was getting in person.

and allowed me to find a means to tell myself what I needed to hear and share with others what they did

and it all comes down to value judgements which lead to standards and ethics that govern behaviour

and then getting to understand each other across the differences not only of opinion but worldview framework

having to adjust for gender and cultural differences

Americans are the most challenging people to talk to

because they tend to talk at

and not with

as a generality arising from my observations over the last year, eh?





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