Suspect Mail and Packages Indentifiers

IndicatorArtwork Canada post suspect mail FBI letter or package


The key hallmarks of suspicious packages and letters are:

  1. Addressed to titles of positions rather than specific people in said positions.
  2. Poorly lettered and spelled addresses
  3. Oddly heavy for it’s size and usually unbalanced
  4. Smells and oily stains
  5. excessive postage and over wrapped


One time, I actually got a package that could have been right off the training posters.

I called the person who’s position it was.

He came right down and said that he’d been expecting it, he knew who it was from and that they thought that was funny.

It’s not funny.


It is strange what you become used to.


When I worked at Revenue Canada on Pender Street in Vancouver BC, there was a man who would come in at the end of every month, and wait his turn in a very long line to hand in a bomb threat he’d written.

In crayon.

With his name and address.

One time I think I gave him a receipt.


I remember one month, he didn’t show.

So I called the regional security person to get her to call him and check on him.

Make sure he was okay.


If I remember correctly, she did. But I don’t know how it turned out.

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7 Responses to Suspect Mail and Packages Indentifiers

  1. dykewriter says:

    It was pretty scary when my Dad, who was a mail sorter at the post office for almost 35 years

    along with the whole shift I guess

    had to take cipro because of a credible anthrax scare

    it’s not just police and ambulance as public service employees who risk their lives

    just for going to work, eh?


  2. dykewriter says:


    them too

    horrifying a thought as that is


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