Colds and Flus: No Longer Seasonal, eh?

I remember a teenaged Family Holiday Dinner – 40/45 people Clan Style gathered at my family unit’s dwelling.

The Feast over and the Guests Gone – my sister fell ill. Before bed, my parents were talking to Ralph on the Big White Phone and other family units contact confirmed at least half were ill with Something.

Food samples were actually sent to the local poison control, because the next day, there was only 2 of us – me and my older male cousin – who weren’t sick.

It turned out not to be the food – but rather, the 2 youngest clan members – brother toddlers in daycare who had caught a bug.

My Older Cousin and I congratulated each other on our superior resistance, which lasted one more day; until we too, knelt with our families around the Big White Phone.

There was brief talk of banishment, but that only lasted as long as the flu-cold lasted – three disgusting weeks.

Not as bad as when that Texas Flu strain hit Vancouver in the late 90s, that frigging thing clung on in a 6 week infestation cycle. hand washing is one of the most important and easiest ways to contain and reduce disease transmission.
Lister is the main character in Red Dwarf. I once got a cold from my roommate, she kissed him -so it come from England to the US and into Canada.
As an Emergency Preparedness Professional, the issue of hand washing came up a lot in pandemic planning and regular flu season, basic hygiene and quite frankly… manners. At one department,…
Micro flora and fauna also known as bacteria, viruses, germs, bugs… microscopic disease causing critters that outnumber and outbreed humans. They can create a new generation every 20 human minute…
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