Agoraphobic Outing – Catastrophic Failure – It Happene

My worst fear came true. I had a panic attack in the hospital and completely lost control

The last thing I remember clearly is telling some Fucking Geezer Boomer “Oh my gosh he MIGHT be a vetran” Great/Grandpa Aged “Back off White Man, this is not about it’s your turn.”

It might just have been the first four words, I vaugely remembering managing to not say “Fuck off” because I was standing at the reception of the MRI department at New Westminster’ Royal Columbian Hospital, the OLDEST Hospital in British Coumbia and in the brick and mortar building constructed in 1929.

We do not need to build new sports arenas, we do need to build more SCHOOLS and HOSPITALS and FIRE STATIONS, because these are the first buildings that are going to fall down when we get a large enough pressure and magnitude release.

We regularly get up to 5.3 or under aftershock waves from Seattle and most people do not know to recognize the signs of an earth quake and the lower the level you can experience it, the more sensitive to things like weather – and atmospheric pressures – you tend to be.

John Travolta in that Penonemn movie… and Powder at the same time.

Storm Chasers/Disaster Reverse Engineering Too Much Reality TV TV series and special documentary channel Mega Engineering Fandom and emergency predaredness alsoincludes catastrophic recovery : the Lesson of Haiti and all disasters is Building Codes and not meeting minimum standards as we do living in a build and tear down rebuild society.

So, to explain for my Readers – I live in the Vancouver Greater Regional District and that is from Vancouver at the harbour and all the way to Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley.

I have lived in The City of North Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, Richmond, (where the YVR airport actually is). I grew up in New Westminster and is the City of Steep Hills and no left turns. I moved out to rural Chilliwack as a teenager and then to the City of Surrey, where I finished high school and went to 2 years of college and 1 of university and 1 year in a technical school.

The American states of Washington, Oregon, California are all on the middle lower part of the American plate on the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire.

There have been several important quakes that happened after I graduated college, where I studied Earth Sciences, among other things. College is, after all, where you experiement and gain a professional understanding of all the classes you most enjoyed in high school but were taught poorly or ineffectively by various teachers with ranging qualities from inspirational (makes you want to learn or improve) or discouraging (boring droners and Trivia Queens)

The most important thing we learned from the San Fran Quake that included the collapse of the double decker highway is that rebar and concrete are too rigid and break, while smaller wood and nails will flex and be okay as long as it remains connected to the foundation.

Bedrock to dirt, high energy to lower density, waves magnify, eh?

My 2 experiences to share was from 2 Seattle Quakes and the GVRD had aftershocks.

The first was in the late 1990s, I was at a meeting in a second floor wood building. (I was attending a meeting about the BC Persons with AIDS Society)

There was a few of us and half the group felt the building rise and fall, not a lot, just enough to know something was wrong, the other half felt the air compress and then expand, again, just a weird moment we were sharing awareness of – I felt both – we were all in chairs.

My partner of that time, was working at the Bentall 3 Tower on the 19th floor, and was on an office roller chair – she was knocked off her chair.

Same wave, slightly different areas of the same city, but also, at different heights and structure.

Be Prepared

The later Rattle in Seattle that happen 1999/2000 ish, I was near Main and Terminal at ground level – I was in a crowded McDonalds Breakfast Rush crowd and it seemed that a large truck went by the building.

Only the Clerk and I froze, realizing it was an earthquake.

I got to work and was greated with terrified people – where was I – the Building Floor Warden – 17 floors of a 19th floor building.

People nearer the top had fallen from their chairs, and standing or walking positions.

Furniture almost toppled.

Nina ERT kit Nina Coast Guard Certification

I am unsure why they thought my being in the building or not would have altered an earthquake. Sometimes, People have a bad day and sometimes, it’s their last day, eh.

I spent the next several weeks, earthquake proofing file record rooms. Prevention is cheaper than Compensation and it is about mitigation and recovery.

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