Pandemic or Genocide: Which is Touchier?

Holocaust is Genocide is a Rose

tumblr_inline_nc27hnWLEj1qkdikmProfile Disappeared Women51TJYT3345L._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_

Why does inter-demographic conflict always lead to genocide?

F3.largeNina with Plush Microbes

Culturalocide vs Genocide

Pandoravirus Slide2

Genocide is as Genocide does

Prince Parasiteafrica5113TVM7GEL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_

The World of Microbes: Where Life Began in the dirt or ice or volcanic medium


From Neighbourhood Watch to Concentration Camps

You Date Who they Date51U76mxWfYL._SL500_SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

the Funny Side of Washing Your Hands


Trump vs Hitler: Understanding your Dictators

Nina with Handwashing poster

Colds and Flus: No Longer Seasonal, eh?


Understanding Micro Evolution in a Macro World f3_smets_nrmicro1253-f118u9xfalxrdscpng

The Holocaust That Dare Not Say It’s Name: The New World Edition

Richard Dawkins the god delusiondiagnostic manual

Why Wars were not fought

Canadian War on QueersThe trials of LEnny BruceWarrior Marks

The Antiquarian Twist: Eugenics & Euthanasia

no bordersthe debate is over 97

there was never a scientific debate, only a political one impeded by religion.

everyone take a cleansing breath while there is still air to breath, eh?

contamination and phobias, cleaning vs cleansing, sterile vs sterilizing



the difference is dogma, it take religion for people to do utter evil, because outside of religion, that’s just politics.

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controversial books should be read so that people understand exactly why these happen over and over – what is being rejected and even more importantly -what is being meant by people who utter phrases in political contexts and what they connect back to

there’s been more than enough events that left survivors, those who did it, do not get to define the terms, of what was meant. things need to be named for what they were and are, but their impact.

Often over successive generations.

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