The Antiquarian Twist: Eugenics & Euthanasia

Of all the words in the languages of which English was born from and wot it has since morphed into in the global common era there are two that are in a category all of their own, and there is only one word which stands above them, since it combines them from abstract to concrete into an action.

Euthanasia, the idea of a mercy killing and Eugenics, the “science” of demographic worth.

The spark that ignites these into – a conflagration if you will allow the simile, metaphor, allusion and allegory of, is religion – that indignation and disgust that raises the irk and inflames the senses.

That word is Genocide.

Over time and history, the new word invented was Holocaust.

connected framework conflict

In the pre-Industrial era, wars were fought and decided often in a single day, or a matter of weeks over a handful of battles, or as long standing feuds, such as the middle ages 100 years year in England.

africa 3d reality checking

But also the set of wars commonly called Crusades. The First Middle Ages Era, where the Pope of the Day called on the national leaders.

Then, there is the modern era Crusades 2.0 that returned to the forefront on 9/11.

ultimate demotivator 911 changeWe the people invisibilty visibility

So it wasn’t until the industrial era and the modern idea of borders and citizens with papers, that the war displacement of peoples became managed rather than you flee and settle and merge into the first safe population that you could reach in the pre-Victorian era and the Industrial Age.

Rainbow crossing 6

The idea of a holocaust is modern because it means survivors, something that didn’t clearly happen in less bureaucratic eras; something actually needed if there is an assurance of a place where everyone has the right to self determination, which hampers assistance to homeless people, because of the tainted image and terror of Any Government Rounding up People, or sorting them at birth, this one to live and this one to not.

chances are chances takes them

chances are
takes them

3 birth order

There was a woman in Texas who gave birth to a child with a rather high number of deformities that if all they did was hand it over to the mother to hold from it’s first breath, it would have died within hours.

It took heroic intervention to keep it functionally and technically alive for 1 year, then the hospital pulled the plug.

The mother demanded her offspring be able to die by god’s hand and not human hands.

The hospital billed the state welfare over a million dollars of taxpayer’s money that could have been used on people with better outcomes, in Canada, this would be been part of the medical system.

We have to triage cases and deploy resources better than that, that infant took up a hospital bed, and staff time, talent, emotional impact, professionally and personal toll on them for an utterly helpless case, there is not much more demoralizing than that.

clan Good Grief

So, when we talk about these interests and matters of a delicate nature, because, nature is red in tooth and claw, it is a choice not to be, but, one has to be able to balance the 360 view.

Polio-triumph vaccine revelations  Thalidomide victimTony Melendez is shown in an undated file photo at age four while attending a ther..

Quality has to matter more than quantity and this idea of suffering has to go. it is not noble, it is not worthy, it is not anyone’s lot, fate or karma – it is what we continue to allow to persist, based on very false, flimsy and nonsense – prejudice is based in fear, resulting in anger and lashing out; what turns bigotry into prejudice, systemic and social discrimination.

Bigotry and prejudice is most correlated with people of lower intelligence and a teenager level of emotional self control and management, it is highly correlated with religion, and it is also highly correlated in family Authoritarian as opposed to Authoritative upbringing.

The graduated path of childhood to adulthood, rituals in the secular west most associated with matters pertaining to government licencing and finances. Driver’s License, Renting or Owning a car, a home, single to commonlaw to married, divorced, rinse repeat the cycle.

Being allowed legally to drive, to drink and to vote.

Contract laws, which set out our responsibilities and obligations to others, and that which sets out what we are entitled to in return.

The American Experiment was the idea of the Individual as the social unit of consequence, free from being stereotyped and able to pursuit happyiness.

so denying people that should be utterly incomprehensible in a nation such as that, but it turns out that what most American enjoy is policing other people, they have done better than Rome at world conquering.

200px-A_Modest_Proposal_1729_Cover Darwin Meme

so we are seeing Christianity 1.0 Rome, replaced with Christianity 2.0 Anglican England then Christianity 3.0 the Prosperity Evangelicals: Greed is Good, as if religion was anything other than massing wealth and an easier lifestyle than the peasants, money for nothing and altar boys for free.

I find the One True religion claim the funniest, since there is no religion with only one version of itself, and they being born in the days before copyright, which why do you need that when you convert or kill?

first meme gratitude

Religion is a software virus and the removal safeword is atheist.

science not stupidstition no borders

it is 2016 as we count time in the Global Common Era, the idea of people in positions of power over others, needs to be carefully considered, we already know, from too many examples, just how bad, that bad can be.

there are 7 billion of us, we need to learn to get along better.


horror 2

dead is dead, method matters little

expectations and outcomes

entitlement vs obligation

arm swinging vs nose airspace

measured and proportional

perspective and balancing interesting

zero sum, all or none

negotiated on a sliding scale 80/20 to 50/50

majority is rule by the mob

proportional represention is demographics represented

the vulnerable sector marginalized variables that could be just

anyone, a million deaths a static and one a tragedy

yet, we remain, just statistics or file numbers, to each other

the debate is over 97 consensus gap

the idea of a thing being so self evident that anyone can grasp it, is very dependant on what any given person can comprehend.

but it is the willful rejection of even those most documented of things, rejecting evidence in favour of an assumed “virtue” of this dubious practise called “faith”, which is merely obedience and trusting that those you give authority over you are not lying to you, yet, that is what religion does, those that have to believe are the rank and file who never were supposed to have access to the manual, only the chosen few got to be able to learn the skill of reading to be able to recite them, study them and impose them on others, less fervored.

personality cults start with a single person who draws followers, religions are what disciples create and the word taking starts and the witnesses lack.

eye witness being the least reliable of all criminal testimony….


how to look at data, discern a pattern, understand that pattern and have others replicate it.


Science is the study of nature, and it’s been decoded to the quantum level of particals and waves, so we are perceiving what is there or we are creating it as we discover it.

religions are cultural products that create a bond that changes over time, ripples outward

religions have never offered a better explanation for phenomena than “science has” and the soft sciences can easily explain religion: fear of dying.

which begs the question, why be so willing to send someone to theirs?

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