The New Taboos: Discuss

Now that actual pornography is spam and people other than porn sites are able to make money as site hosts – Amazon and Ebay – Companies that began online and then became brick and mortar. Drone delivery, no one has work anymore, but at least products are cheap until compound interest on the credit/charge card.

is the BC Government trying to get us drunk?


Sex, Religion and Politics are what most of the web debates are – no longer able to speak reasonably with people we see face to face, we Blog/Post/Share online and then via likes and shares create a sense of reasonableness in community, and confirmation bias takes over and people unfriend over matters of opinions. Real World Consequences.

Cannibalism, Non-Consensual Violent Sex and How to Recognize a Predator is what people don’t want to talk about most.

Ca-728x400legal poison

No one says that a person who is threatened verbally with a weapon, or who is beaten, or who is killed, while defending the property they carry – a wallet, watch, jewelry  – a bicycle or car deserved it for flashing their assets.

Asking to be killed in fact, depending on if they are on their own city street or a back country trail in another nation with perpetual civil war and the victim on a bike worth more than the average annual salary of the worker who installs those very parts, or makes them.


So, we don’t like to talk about rape and we don’t like to admit that it happens inside of marriage – the one and only time Elvis Presley forced someone to have sex with him, was Priscilla after she told him, she wanted a divorce. He did her and then, he walked on stage to do a concert.


We don’t like how the rapist word impairs the accused rapist’s future career, often in a profession where women are clients and therefore vulnerable… awe… should have thought of that before you caused someone harm and ended the quality of their existence.


That the so called corrective process is worse than the inciting event is why rape is under and not reported.


Universities have had Decades, if not actually Centuries to deal with the sexual abuse of students by other students as a matter of grade and various class standing.

Continuing to re-hash and hash again because new students is nonsense because Faculty with Tenure.

There is a time and place for presumed innocent and that is at court – not during the police investigation. That’s when you are looking for guilty and include probability. Everyone is of interest until they are ruled out.


Anyway, Cannibalism – would you do it to live in a crash disaster? the new gross out coffee table game.

Almost everyone would.


In fact, it used to be a primate norm to not waste the protein and then it was to transfer the essence of special people, leaders, to the group.

Why diseases become genetic – eating uncooked brain and ritual with actual tissues versus ritual with symbolic crackers.

Several of the hominids had fire and tooled stone tech, very few buried their dead, indicting a symbolic, something more, that spark of intelligence – planning for generations to follow, customs and communications.


However, modern day Crows and Elephants do as well.

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