Why Wars were not fought

America is Pro-Israel because they are trying to bring about the end of the world and they are confused that it didn’t end under Reagan, when Israel existed for the 2 generations (40 years) predicted in the Bible.

it doesn’t mean they like Jews, far from it.

Israel was created as a nation so that the Allies didn’t have to accept WW2 refugees

the canadian minister of immigration at that time was quoted as saying “none are too many”

ww2 was not fought to save Jews from Germans anymore more than the US civil war was to free slaves.

Israel is the only nation in that region that has actual elections and queer pride parades….

religion is the mechanism to be bothered by that other people exist and we should have learned the lessons of history and stop repeating them, eh


in the heart of Texas – land where even the cars are long and horned, where a man is measured by the brim of his hat and the heel of his boot as much as the steel on his hip. Sir, Yup Yup Yeserrie Bob, them Europeans be speaking Germans if it weren;t for us,

now help me barricadde Mah Family Compound because them uppity slaves done revolted and one of Them is in the White House

which, is ONLY actually painted white because Canadian Forces set fire to it in the war of 1812, when we felt so embarrassed for having actually winning Capture the Flag Colonial Edition, that we gave them the New England terrority that we were squabbling over.

They quickly put white wash, the paint primer to cover over the smoke damage and let it sit that way for so long that it became known in the local town as The White House and the name stuck so and that decided the colour to finally paint it. White being all colours together and helping with the interior climate and design of the house.

Most Canadians don’t know that or this: that the South African Apartheid system was in fact copied from the Canadian Indian act way back at the end of the 1800s. gross huh?

In British Columbia, we can fit Texas in the Backcountry, eh. We don;t tan, we rust, and we can water ski in the morning and snow ski that same night if we were so inclined.

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Israel is a Flashpoint nation, a focus on interest of far too many people spanning nations, and has the added danger of a Doomsday Religion and that this religion has other nations with military might enthralled to it’s existence for … Continue reading

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thank you call out – these comments in reply to our conversation really seemed to fit into a post. 🙂

The best self help book: The Drunkard’s Walk

thefeatheredsleep –

People who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it but equally the Victor writes history many times incorrectly. The coverage of Israel in Europe is so slanted it’s no wonder ill informed people are anti israel, whereas coverage in other countries is a little more balanced.

I know. I’m hideously knowledgeable about my peoples history, I’d have to say that was the formators intention but not the hews, theirs was as it has been 3000 years olus, to end and enforced diaspora. Israel being the rightful land of Hebrews they have every need and right like us all to a homeland. England, France et al, screwed them after WEt and nearly caused another holocaust by pulling out, but the Israelis changed from pacifists to defenders and incredibly survived. America’s only interested in money, piwer, advantage they like Israel because of location. Europe is rabidly anti Semetic so I feel better off here



Sure. in the middle ages, England borrowed money from the Jewish community and instead of repaying the loans, they kicked them out of the country. The Americans like to act as if the Puritans left for cleaner lands rather than being kicked out for being too big a pain in the ass prudes.

but the problem with the stories people tell themselves about themselves is often wound licking and how PTSD becomes embedded in a Culture and the last 500 years of Europe and doing their Passion Plays and SMDB reenactments of a crucifixion, which had reached peak perfection with Vlad the Impaler right?

this Abrahamic religion trilogy of 1. Jewish Talmud that spawned Christianity, which shut down and ended the Classical Greek/Roman/Egypt Era, but Alexander’s deep run into India took Greece with them, and then the Islam religion banked off the European christian nations under the end of the roman empire, replaced by the Vatican Catholic – and when they took over Spain and Portugal and into France, brought back not only the greek writings, but further commentary and they added the most wonderful thing – a simple number set that more complext math could be done – before their was Inventory and geometry, volumes and weights and counting systems – Arabic Numbers and a focus on literacy – being able to read and write and not just for Scribes of Government or Gods.

That there is zero evidence for Jews having been slaves in Eygpt – and we do know who built the monuments, they left payroll records.

that central storyline falls apart –

Adam and Lilith, then Adam and Eve
if it was Adam and Steve, he’da bottomed and they’d still be in paradise for starters.

No Egypt, no Exodus

The romans never had the math to do the census, that was England’s King James 1700s who did the first one

and Bethlehem was built by the Romans in the 3rd century as a spa villa town

the story does not work with the evidence

Rainbow World: Leonard on Time

It depends on if they are a nation as part of the creation of, versus religious crazy and trying to bring about the end of the world, as if their god is gonna be so pleased how much we have polluted it up – and probably funniest of all, to not get the message of Jesus being the last person to be sacrificed. so stop sacrificing people. learn to work and play well with others.

I am not sure if I need a latke or a latte now.

The Grail Code of Da Vinci

and these religions are far too coddled to be given consideration for any life positive, given the outcomes and lack of historic anything. there is zero academic standards for religion and why anyone can start one.

and dear templeton foundation, I can start my own religion and make way more than the $5000 being offered. seriously LOL…

$cience vs Religion$

The John Templeton Foundation

Dear Templeton Foundation – about your mission

Dear Templeton Foundation re: merging religion and science

Religions: All for One, One for All

The Nobel Prize has been off message for a while

Can I haz the Million Dollars now Please?

A Philosophicial Threeway


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