From Neighbourhood Watch to Concentration Camps

Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz is calling for Muslim neighborhoods to be secured by police and even have some Mosques closed.

narrative of fearmerry-thanksgivoween

This is why history repeats itself.


Humans have enslaved each other since before we domesticated animals for work outsourcing.

Not relying on slavery is a modern concept, and it began in the Antiquarian Age – Victorian Era, the start of science as a profession rather than a dilettante philanthropy thing or war research.

science-vs-religion_o_1384767Canada and Terror_gif

This idea of ghettos, either enforced by the state or done by the culture itself, self protection and identification – and the idea of demographics being homogeneous, is certainly part of the problem.

tumblr_losxow0Occ1qbq86qo1_500 terror

It starts with security and surveillance and then becomes concentration camps for ease of management.

The South African Boer War – where these comps were first used to World War 2 in Europe where they reached Peak Administrative Efficiency for military use.

Between the Boers and the Nazis, the Colonizing nations – Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand created reservations for indigenous peoples – and probably Spain and Portugal did so in the South Americas.


Anytime humans have a chance to be crappy and horrid, we really go for it.

& religion is the why and the how of it.


religion is a mental illness at best and where inequality is sourced.

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