The Holocaust That Dare Not Say It’s Name: The New World Edition

The European war called World War 2 was a slaughter of humans on a previously untolled level.

No longer limited to what pointy sticks or fletched arrows or sword or siege machines – now we had mass metal projectiles, tanks and planes and bombs.

Not just any gunpowder goes bang in pretty colours or gory holes depending on how you mix it and explode it.

But rip apart the very atom and  alter mass and energy itself.

Individual ammosexuals are scary enough with personal arsenals of anti-person weaponry – but nations and big/well financed enough groups who are without any pretense of being responsible for anyone and extremely hostile to non-members

now have not only atomic, but bio-chemical weapons as well. Some of these can even target genepool parameters… or “demographic groups” for the less coder and more statistical mathy types.

We have to stop blaming vulnerable groups for the evils of societies existing, because it is those evils that cause the inequity and victimize the vulnerable.

Words stopped working and even statistics stopped meaning anything to anyone.

Tuesday was the Canadian government’s first opportunity to address the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, which is conducting the first review…
  •  Not use to Canada being on the hot seat. Damn you guys stop taking our seat (don’t make us have to crave our name in it).
  •  Saudi Arabia is now in charge of the human rights commision…..But I do believe Canada is guilty of treating the natives terrible, beyond words terrible.
  • South African apartheid was copied from the Canada Indian act and reservation system.

So…. maybe pictures.

Grace Lafond-Barr believes healing starts in the home, so she moved her family to Muskeg Lake Cree Nation from Saskatoon two years ago to escape the city…|By Jeremy Warren
  •  and Harpers genocide on indigenous people continues
  • to be fair, that started before Harper was born.

residential school mass grave

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Indigenous communities in Canada are fighting Enbridge Inc.’s plans to build Northern Gateway, a 730-mile pipeline to ship Canadian oil to a West Coast port for export to…
Oppose Bil c 51
On December 4th, the House passed the National Defense …
David Hill: NGOs allege illegal deforestation of primary rainforest to plant cacao and oil palm
Bronze artifacts discovered in a 1,000-year-old house at the Rising Whale site suggest trade was occurring between East Asia and the New World centuries before the voyages of Christopher Columbus.
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