Trump vs Hitler: Understanding your Dictators

The Holocaust That Dare Not Say It’s Name: The New World Edition

The Nazis made the Trains run on time and let’s admit it, the SS had the sexiest ever uniforms. End of what can be said vaguely nice or funny of them.

supporting the troopsPhoto by Yemeni photographer Boushra al-Moutawakel.Putting the fun back in fundamentalist

From Neighbourhood Watch to Concentration Camps

Every Nation designs it’s war uniform to reflect the best of it’s technology and cultural values from war paint, and whatever toughest material that confers magic or actual padding thick enough to deflect anything striking them – melee, distance or simply dropped.



Book Review: Monsters



USAWatch: Trump vs Clinton

Fascism SignsRuthuglicans and SatanNina and The Devil

Romney v Trump

10986915_10206502820233378_8058311594674874394_ncubedsocial moviements wave

The GOP’s Trump Problem

Hitler lived in a pre-Dentistry world and had most of his teeth replaced with gold. He was an Austrian who was average height of his era, like Napoleon – and apparently got gassy when he was nervous, he was mostly vegetarian, everything sauerkraut, greasy, yeasty and fibre. Hitler and fart jokes. Politicians and gas blowing out both ends, eh? Cabbage in all it’s forms.

women passing for warReality Check  US Uncut September 9 · Edited . For a company that prides itself on innovation, Apple's supply chain resembles the 18th century triangle trade. *Also, let's not forget Apple dodges billions in taxes and illegally colluded to suppress the salaries of their engineers and programmers. SHARE and LIKE our page US Uncut #iPhone6Profile Disappeared Women

Trump: Person or Corporation

Trump vs Pope: Fallout

Smiles – teeth being a sign of health and hygiene..Livestock practises became domestic and Government Agenda – xenophobic response once the globe was circumnavigated and the populations merged in the Colonial Era, the European Industrial Wars making Europe resistant to doing battle with each other ever again.

Flamewar: Trump vs The Pope

Republican Trio: Cruz, Rubio and Trump

Teeth wear down by eating rough foods, and not a lot of people know Hitler was a vegetarian, he only rare ate german sausage. He rarely if ever drank alcohol and he was pretty puritanical about sex and enjoyed boring homoerotic heterosexual utilitarian and was mostly depressed about not becoming a painter. He was a man of some technical skill but no real imagination. His fear of the dentist caused him to replace his healthy teeth with gold ones. makes Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man that much funnier, eh?

compufemessilenceMasses vs Leaders

Why Wars were not fought

Hitler is dead and April 17, his birthday is a watch date by law enforcement for terrorism of xenopobics.

Free Speech: The Trump Edition

Donald Trump is a problem right now, and he is not just America’s problem.

Thomas MooreGovernmentCanadian War on QueersGlobal Species Populations Change

It’s all fun until someone Hitlers

The collective time travel fantasy: Killing Hitler

catholics and nazisUs vs Themnazi_catholics_04

What the World Needs: A Deity Free Public Square


inspirationchurchnstateliberty and justiceSteinbeck

anyone about the self, claims to be for individuals, but only to the limit of their group.

09 14 2011evil-homeopathistcontrol male sexuality

Second Time for Second Coming


God’s Glory Hole

Occupy Wall Street is what Marx and Lennon were writing about and they were never in boy bands.

20130406-104054it mattersnation of changejack the ripper

Religion: drinking or sipping the koolaid?

Peasant Revolutions are lead by a change of the social order, worker’s revolts are about distribution of productivity.

God’s Toadies

As the Pope Turns…


Memo to Pope: Apologize

muricaNina with Aimee & JaguarWiesel the Weasel

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar

mcdniwi_ec004_hfilm-reel-generic-1-2-3-4-movies.jpg.hashed.1721d4d2.desktop.story.rightI am canadian

Pope offers forgivess to contrite abortionatrixes

pope vs trump_1455822135118_861894_ver1.0_640_360central park jogger


Holocaust is Genocide is a Rose

Documented vs Documentary… real or reel….Survivors stories.

The Ruleno bordershard vs soft science

Current Breaking News, or history…

polio_elvis 13-polio-indiaink-blog480The anti vax trio of death

War on Women: Battleground Cologne

Protective Legislation Be Gonestatus of women abortion meme 1Olympic traditionswater and air

The Antiquarian Twist: Eugenics & Euthanasia

suicide net Memeenvironmental disastersThe decline and fall of practically everybodyplanned obsolescence

Mass Shootings: at work, rest and play – the new normal?


Passion vs Planned Crimes

motivatored63f5d4507bdb87c8190e267bf6fd3acfe08f59ben-carson-says-he-would-not-vote-for-any-muslim-to-be-presidentSpock says idle no more

Racism vs Sexism: @ Tiffany’s

canada peacekeeping 62Stop Harper Brigette Depape known vs unknown soldier

Donald Trump has been married 3 times, twice to non-Americans.

President Trump plus First Lady Trophy Wife #3 or President Clinton with the First Husband?

religion vs sciencePiltdown Forger Martin Hintonthe one percent own half


Winona Laduke nailz it words were meant to woo Harper vs Obama

China – 500 year Empire View Succession Planning for a social system, Empires, Dictators.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Government Administration – management of infrastructure, not really bothered with Political Governments of the Day – where CEOs are executed when they are held accountable.


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