In A Word: Diversity

Affirmative Action (American) and Employment Equity (Canadian) were attempts by government to address historic society wrong and build towards a more level playing field and reduce barriers of access.

In the 1970s, that meant women’s equal pay for equal work, and it meant making buildings and sidewalks accessible to wheelchairs and blind/deaf. It also meant addressing ethnicity discrimination.

With the Major Groups so Addressed, people went back to being people, while complaining about how many of them where getting special treatment.


In the 1990s, thinking that the work done in the 1970s was accomplished – and an increase in the age spectrum of people with mobility issues – and the increase in multi-modal traffic – everyone was pretty happy about the buildings and sidewalks being paid in 1970 dollars and now, just part of the building codes of everything new.


Except… that queers were left out and we cross demographic groups of ethnicity and ability. Queer stopped being something that decadent white people did.

But, there was fear in the “traditional” groups – “women”, “ethnic”, “indigenous” and “disabled” of the Effectiveness of Queers.


We had enough and in America: 1969- New York City Police, doing another shakedown of The Stonewall Inn resulted in a three day riot that shut that city down.

In Canada, the Toronto Bathhouse raids of 1980 have been apologized for by the Toronto Police in 2016 – the Year of Black Lives Matter

which shut down Queer Pride in Toronto to challenge the participation of police


Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders

While Black Lives Matter in Vancouver, Causes a Pan-Asian Pride Separation.

Meanwhile, Idle No More, eh?

ElvisWorld: Memphis Police


Now, “diversity” is an important word in biology, because it’s the variety within the habitat and bio-diversity is a very needful thing.. to sorta ensure things.

Cultural diversity is the practice of multiculturalism – hybridizing and cross-overs.

Celebrating, rather than destroying, subjugating or even and especially assimilating.

Which of course, has a way of cutting both ways. Often in unexpected consequences.

Penn Jillette

The dark side of “diversity” is that it’s how each of us is unique, therefore none are.

further, it encourages victimhood me tooism as people are really unable to compare experiences.

competing victimhood, the mantle bestowed at birth and passed down epigentically, as well as in cultural practice – and also one’s given individual experience.

it also has developed a weird victim blaming, as if, what did you expect, being different?

Us vs Themclimate

divided, we’re conquered, co-operation is required for survival of any life on the planet that we currently enjoy.

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President Obama Designates Stonewall National Monument ……/president-obama-designates-stonewall-national-monu

Jun 24, 2016 – Today, President Obama will designate a new national monument at the … On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Inn, one of the most frequented …

Image result for obama, stonewall inn memorial
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