Communication Backfires

Nina and OSH

the Funny Side of Washing Your Hands

Only 7% of communication is the words.

The majority is facial expression, vocal tone and body language.

But there is also another aspect that rarely gets discussed in communication literature – and is a concept almost utterly lost in the English languages:

Hierarchic Language.

Speaking to peers, Speaking to underlings and Speaking to overlings.

Age differences being the most blatant, but in  North America, where people do confuse movies and tv shows with how to behave in reality, the generation gapes more than gaps.

More referential than reverential and sarcasm merely rudeness, lacking clever insight or contextual reversal, the unreality of reality.

Nina it's a disaster

The lost communication arts: conversations

Now, I have studied communication forms, I have professionaled in communication forms – and have mastered the formats enough to bend them for purpose, as artfully necessitated. Or absurdist impulse…

Anyway, the other irritating part of the hospital visit was the delay in whether or not to retain a patient overnight.

And the hospital staff does need to look at not just the patient, but also the family in attendance and be more holistic in that approach – supporting the support system.

Nina ERT manual

Want to improve health? wash your hands

Because at almost 10 pm, I told the nurse that we needed a decision, because I am agoraphobic and nearing the end of my coping ability and did not care to have a secondary situation. She understood and said as soon as the x-ray was done, they would decide.

The doctor arrived at the temp emergency bed before my Dad was brought back.

He was going home!

Then, after he explained to my Mom, he noticed me and put his hand out to shake mine.

Putting my hands in my pockets, I said “I’m germphobic.”

Disaster Guides

A Guide of Manual Handbooks

He, a doctor, did not carry on, but got miffed and left his hand hanging and argued with me that he’d washed 30 times today and was probably cleaner than me.

“I’m not OCD” I replied and shrugged.

He retracted his hand.

Not all Handicaps are visible

I don’t know why he thought it appropriate to push or argue or order or whatever he thought he was doing.

Now, yes, I did touch a stranger in the waiting area – but I rubbed her back -and only touched her clothes – not skin.

Further, she was a regular person and in great pain.


How to wash your hands

He, was a doctor in constant contact with a number of people with a variety of flora and fauna.

Handshakes are an archaic greeting and men have a tenancy to use them in grip strength dom/sub and most people can’t do them graciously. Squeezing fingers or whatever.

He, a doctor, should have understood that when I said “germophobic” that that is an unreasoning fear and arguing it would only be aggravating. so why in this situation, do people create these useless conflicts. he’s not my doctor and he’s not being friendly anymore

worn out battling monsters and losing to the freaking bugs

ERT manual

Pandemic or Genocide: Which is Touchier?

anyway, I moved to the aisle and saw my Dad being wheeled back in

I had already had to pay for 2 hours to start, leave and pay for 2 and just before 9 pm, I had gone and moved the vehicle to the street parking.

so, now I left to get the car and bring it back to the hospital lot and take my parents home



Technical Writing Manuals: Books

complete things that might kill you

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4 Responses to Communication Backfires

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    That is why when you say someone is beautiful it’s not the one who is the most asthetically beautiful but the one whose entirity is beautiful. Take Chrissy Turlington she’s physically perfect but she has no personality so I’d take Helen Mirren over her ANY DAY and I pity men as they don’t see it that way they are very shallow

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