420 in Vancouver BC Canada, eh

The 420 was more farmer’s market and festival on the beach with the protest portion remaining around the Vancouver Art Gallery, the former Courthouse in Vancouver and the block of Robson that is being permanently shut down because that’s the space where protesters make speeches.

The Jodi Emery lead organization committee failed to raise the funds to offset City Municipal costs of security, bathrooms and clean up. It is unlikely that the City of Vancouver will issue further permits as with the announced upcoming legalization, there will be nothing to protest.

If the 420 will evolve into a cultural event, it is going to have to have it’s act better than it had this year.

Drug haze gone, garbage remains, but Vancouver’s 4/20 pot …

vancouversun.com › News › Local News

4 hours ago – The heap of garbage left behind after Wednesday’s 4/20 pot event at Sunset Beach seemed to be the main concern for authorities, who said …

if they are smart, and I somehow doubt it – they should merge with a trade convention that sells the vapourware and hardware – but also the commerical machines to do 430 business – including having lawyer booths on incorporation and taxes.


Drop the Hippie Cheech n Chong, Teenage Perpetual Petty Rebellion and realize – the plant does what it does, it’s the user who determines from recreational, medicinal to spiritual.


Encouraging responsible and safe use – and combined with heath – yoga breathing and meditations – how it helps with the side effects of many medications such as nausea/eating disorders, sleep – brain states from alpha to delta, pain and inflamation as a complimentary treatment instead of taking medications and then more medications so you can tolerate the medical ones instead of the symptom drugs.




The Queer Pride Parade also began as a protest when being known to be queer would and could cost a person their career, their home and everything.

The Queer Pride Parade went from being denied advertising coverage in mainstream media and being treated as a freak show – despite the revenue brought into the city and the vast expansion of groups/floats that are actually of the community as opposed to companies wanting our money or politicians our votes.

The thing that the queer community did to ensure eventual public support was to not leave a mess or a cost forced on the taxpayers.

Queer Community Lessons for Atheists


It certainly shows the dramatic difference between choices and behaviors, vs dignity of person and identity matters.

Stoners are the New Atheists, the new Queers, the new Blacks, the new Women, the New Slave/third teir men, then women and won’t someone think of the children

enhance_team_pr 1005775

Community Notes: Queer to Humanists

because they are gonna ask, why were people so stupid to believe anything reactionary conservatives had to say? the answer is gonna be.. because that how Hitlers Happen. Scapegoating works every time.

Coming Out: Queer vs Athiest

watership downfern gully

It’s all fun until someone Hitlers


Pandemic or Genocide: Which is Touchier?


NAFTA v EuroBloc


Queer Community: ChairWomen Time

PP and Marcie

Community: Resources & Crisis Centres


The 1990s: civil rights rotated Queer

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Queers for the Win

did-homer-simpson-discover-the-higgs-boson-3Bender with Bart Doll

Queer Eye for the Naturalist Guy


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