What to do about Terrorism?

My CTB Therapist wants me to do something about terrorism. It’s a vague something, given that I am one person and am not employed by any agency with a mandate to “do something.”

It’s Not My Job, man.


Given that I am agoraphobic and I don’t have a magic wand to wave, only reason…and something about indicating water and drinking issues.

What I do know is that one person can make a difference, and history is filled with examples of people of all kinds and from all walks of life making a difference at the community and global stage level.

The trick is to work together and for that, one person needs others who agree and over time, a critical tipping point occurs and change happens. Often people wonder why it took so long, even as they start to resist the next change wave.

This is partly because we have never before had so many generations of humans at one time, a generation being 20 years (rearing to adulthood) and life spans were in the 30 to 40 years and only those with lots of food – upper classes lived longer – so it was easy to see Kings and Emperors as immortal, but even the civilizations who’s calendars were King based, noted Dynasties and it really didn’t matter who was on the throne, one Dictator as good as any other, as long as the gap between the King Opulence and the Peasant Poverty was not too huge a gap.

Peasants have a way of revolting and re-ordering societies and with the mass of migrations going on, voting with feet is certainly a commentary about who’s rules people would rather live under – a secular society that is cosmopolitanly multicultural or a King-Priest social ponzi-caste, including enslavement or genocide.

Religion terrorizes the individual who then treats others in that kind.

If you are reading this, you are using a computer, invented by non-religious people, some of whom  where not heterosexual.

If that bothers you, then you need to leave the internet and realize that you are not a socially capable person who can work and play well with others. Making you the terrorist.

I am an agoraphobic and I am scared of normal average people, so I really can’t do much about terrorists when everyone is one to me.

Laters internet, it’s 10:47 PM or 22:47, as I prefer the 24 hour military clock count instead of the a/p-m double think.

I guess it’s nice to think that my therapist thinks that I actually have the ability to do something about anything.


Religion = Fundamentalist (Godbot) Gnostic Theist

Spiritual = Moderate Believer, Cultural Affectation  (Glandbot) Agnostic Conformists

Humanist =  in relationship with reality (Brainbots) lacking any theism,


The first therapist that I had in the 1990s, in one session, she asked me if I could, would I create a magic bubble so everything was nice for my at the time girlfriend.

I thought for a moment and then I said “No.”

This surprised my original therapist, until I explained:

“I would eliminate the conditions that lead to why she was as she was.”

I couldn’t waste a whole wish on just one person.

I wish I may

I wish I might

Have the wish

I wish tonight


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