The Electric Slide that can save your life

downed wire


electric shock


Last night there was an electrical storm and it was nice to have it without the migraine that usually occurs.

I even went outside a few times and watched the flashes.

One year I tried to take photos and I didn’t get any of strikes, but I did see in photos orbs of energy moving up from the ground in the images that I had not seen or noticed with my naked eye. I don’t remember the year to look for it to share photos.

In any case, gadgets extend our ability to perceive. and that’s when we learn more about what we know and can fill in gaps or resolve puzzles and outliers.

It made me think about my Emergency Preparedness training with Roger McKellar with the Coast Guard.



Anyway, I was thinking about Roger talking about escaping cars with downed power lines and how the energy drops off the farther from source you get.


And in terms of recovery, I have been thinking that taking a class would be a possible opening to re-engage in socializing.


but I have had to ensure so many workshops over the years, that’s its a bit  .. I am not sure what the word would be a dread lack of enthusiasm, just eye rolling exhaustion


probably to distract from the no more clue about a class than a cause to volunteer for



ah well, on the plus side

I had a fun conversation with the tech support guy this morning


honestly… no internet connection and all the in operating system troubleshooting requires connection



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