Self Identity vs Public Perception

Opinion: Sorry, heteronormative Miley Cyrus is not revolutionising queerness

no attention seeking celebrity, you do not get to define anything.

when was Miley Cyrus ever actually queer?

other than for show biz reasons

questioning and open to are queerbaiting, thinking you might be and in public is for publicity. it is is not queer and does not speak to queer lives or stories.

LGBTQ community bands together after hate crime reports
OPINION: Trump — The Most Pro-Gay President In American History?

Bill Clinton was the first USA President to positively say gay and lesbian and to meet with queer reps in the white house. 

Obama included queers and was the first to include Atheists as Americans.

the republicans coined the phrase “family values” which means anti-queer.

that goes back all the way to President B Movie Actor who ignored Aids to the Bush the Elder who coined that phrase to Bush the Lessor to President Reality TV Host.

Parents Stage Sit Out Over Proposed LGBTQ Curriculum For Elementary Students – CBS Sacramento

Dear Parents, school is where student learn education

not reinforcement of your inadequate homes and small world view

so they can be able to work and play well with others and eventually adult

unlike adult sized children bothered that others exist.

Delta to address inclusion and services for LGBTQ community – Surrey Now-Leader

Canada passed marriage equality in 2003.

in 2019 why are we still having to do this?

Queer Your Ears: Music From Queer & Trans Artists You May Have Missed
Forget 'Green Book,' Here's 16 Queer Things the Oscars Got Right

heteros play coming out stories. while queers want queers in queer stories.

Adam Devine wants gay characters whose sexuality isn’t ‘the main issue’ · PinkNewsIsn’t It Romantic star Adam Devine has said he wants to see films with gay characters who don’t view being gay as “the main issue in their lives.”

Malaysian man, unable to prove he is gay, faces deportation from UK – Nation | The Star OnlinePETALING JAYA: A Malaysian man faces deportation from the United Kingdom after he was unable to prove his claim that he was gay and would face prosecution if sent

How is the UK government testing for gayness?

Canada’s RCMP had a fruit machine, no different from the Scientology emetre, eh.

The RCMP Fruit Machine

Posted on February 1, 2019by dykewriter

a machine with buttons and dials that did nothing Canada’s population depends on immigration, otherwise, we are below replacement rate Ellen Page Chokes Up Talking LGBTQ Rights, Canadian Enviro Crises

Miley Cyrus Is a Queer Superhero: 8 Times She Showed Love to the LGBTQ Community

A heterosexual ally who wants very much to be in the club. eh

again, what relationship did she have that was queer?

not music performances or talking to social issues

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