ElvisWorld: Girlfriends – Joyce Bova

Elvis and Joyce Bova had an affair from 1969 to 1972.

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She dated Elvis in the 70s and at the time, worked for the US Federal Government in Washington DC. She was part of Elvis’s lost weekend with Tricky Dick. She also had an abortion when Elvis indicated an unwillingness to remarry.
It’s been a year since Joyce Bova did the one thing she thought she’d never do — get married.
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IT IS ONE of the great oddities of pop culture.The official White House photo of Richard Nixon shaking hands with Elvis Presley in 1970 remains the most requested picture from the archives of the…
It was like a fairy tale. She was a beautiful, hardworking Congressional aid. He was America’s most explosive entertainer. They met one night in Las Vegas in 1969… a night that changed Joyce Bova’s life forever….
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