7th Edition – Funniest Searches

  • xena a day in the life
  • meaning of overwhelming moment


Xena life lessons

Meaning of an overwhelmning moment is to stop whatever you are doing and, if it is safe to close your eyes and take a breath, to settle into the moment and sharpen your senses and therefore creating a thick memory. – this means you will be able to recall it in great detail on every sensory level

because at some later point in life, when you pause to take a moment, that first will unfurl and remind you.

it is much like falling back on training so you act in a crisis towards survival, it’s the little voice in the back of your head that tells you what to you, it’s you, the very deepest animal part,,, waaaaayyyy back into your lizard brain wherein lies all of the survival skills, instinct as the ape brain says, adding socializing reason and hierarchy of position, building on experience and expectations, then,,,, there is the human homo fire building and mastery of the elements –


moments such as these are ones that strike to identity and character.

so, if you are in danger and being overwhelmed . … then that is when you need to understand strategy skills, when to fight, when to flight and when to sit down and be still.

Bill was who saved the act Scotty Elvis and Bill

  • elvis and charlie hodge billy smith
  • dean martin elvis presley
  • pied piper of cleveland
  • ral donner

King Covers: Elvis vs Ral Donner

Elvisverse: Elvis and Charlie Hodge

ElvisWorld: Making a Movie Short – Pied Piper of Cleveland

ElvisWorld: Dean Martin

World of Elvis: TV Fantasy

ElvisWorld: Elvis & The Internet

Elvis the pied piper of cleveland

I just re-compiled all the top searches for that this blog is returned for and the top Dykewriter searchs for this blog to march 31, 2016 are:

  • vernon presley death
  • prince symbol name
  • monuments
  • taste of awesome
  • magazine beatles and elvis presley
  • suspect mail
  • bill black
  • elvis divorced
  • sub zero plasma

ElvisWorld: Vernon Elvis Presley

Elvis World: Remembering Gladys Love Presley

Elvis Presley’s Self Image

Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?

tumblr_mz1s5oYPb81rmnjtyo1_250 tumblr_mz1s5oYPb81rmnjtyo3_250Presleys 1943

ElvisWorld: Blue Moon Boy Bassist – Bill Black


ElvisWorld: Bill Black

ElvisWorld: Where the King Once Slept…


Elvis World: Desert Storm & The Priscilla Monolog

Elvisworld: Priscilla is his ex-wife – not his widow

Elvis and Priscilla

Presley – Nixon Summit 45th Anniversary


Rockabilly through Punk to Rap


Elvis Presley was a blonde


Out of Africa: Risen in Turkey

Scotty Bill and DJelvis_54_2

Megaliths to Monuments

EP & family on Audubo710117f9e0eb6d175341791b2efb2187efdd

Dear Canada: We need Infrastructure not Monuments, eh?

Pyramids: Ritual Life, Death Rife

Kings to Prime Ministers to Presidents


Super Natural BC is about the Wilderness Pristinity

Canada v China: Human Rights or Religion Rites?

China, Canada and Indigenous Peoples, eh?


elvis_sept_9_195480652cb6aec21f45f07e1e8e17034322Scotty Elvis and Bill

Elvis Presley, the boy in the Band. First ever fan photo of Elvis after his second show.

1954elvis_54_2magnolia gardens 1954

From High School Dances and playing on the back of trucks to being a side show at a country fair – that last colour image is a frame of someone’s home movies and they had a few seconds of Elvis – it was revealed to the public in the 1990s and is a rare colour for home consumers rather than professional equipment.


The earliest known of such colour film has recently surfaced in Quebec Canada and dates to 1929. how kewl is that, eh?

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