Children at the Zoos and on the Farms

A family with kids walked in on male lions getting affectionate at the zoo

so, it;s okay for the Denmark zoo to shoot a viable giraffe in front of children instead of sending it somewhere else to maintain a breeding pool

but children can’t see what animals do and biologists have known about since the 1960s and not been able to report it to the public?

Well, hey, if kids can see that animals have same-sex relations, the whole “it’s against nature” thing goes down the chute.

indeed, what biologists have known about since the 1960s and not been able to report it to the public

which is why education is not to be decided by the children who are not educated by parents who are said that public.

Lesbian senior’s discrimination case could clear the way for LGBT housing rights

this is where Gen X owes the Boomers an apology

LGBTQ senior care has been on the community backburner since the 1990s

our community needs to build this infrastructure with the wealth we collectively have

going from decades where we had no future

to post 1990s when we started to, as we built mainstream included lives

and now, the LGBTQ has more generations at the same time than ever before

it’s 2018 and we are still having the 1960s and 1980s civil rights fight to have rights

Dear Milennials: you outnumber the boomers and someday, if you are lucky

you too will get to be old

and when one is old, it should not still be the schoolyard rules.


Why the frak should Gen-X’ers owe the Boomers anything, especially when the Boomers fucked up things by voting for people like Reagan & Bush and being generally right wing (about half of the 60’s generation) in the 70’s and ’80’s? Boomers should have taken better care of the USA politically so that Gen-X’ers and Millennials could live just as good or even better than they did. Instead, they didn’t do so, and now, shit like this happens.

Generally speaking, as I said elsewhere, there needs to be more senior care facilities for LGBT people, but how that goal will be accomplished, I’ve got no idea.


not the hetero Boomers, they remain the biggest threat to the world today

Gen X queers were consumed by AIDs in the 1980s and 1990s, so the community work of senior centres did not get done then

now, Gen X are getting into old age and there’s no senior care

and the millennial are fighting the same rights battles of the 1950s through the 1970s, nd focussed on youth issues that persist rather than were solved

we are at Era of more generations at a time, more people in urban areas

and the Boomers are dwindling, Gen X/Y are sandwiched, then the Millenials who are a bigger demographic

so, from Gen X to the Millenials: that while they outnumber the boomers, old age and treachery beats youth and enthusiam

From the hetero majority to the queer subcommunity

we need to build the communities that we want to see happen

and to do that

we have to be able to better communicate across the L B G T Qs, with all the demographic breakouts, age, ability, and ehtnicity

united we stand, divided we’re in mass graves


A way to show some appreciation for the blood we left in the streets and make some money.


Respect to the community elders now

that we didn’t show in the 1990s, when we were young and knew everything.

Gen X’s ranks were depleted by the pandemic of the era

now there’s the millennials, who know everything, except what they don’t

when they are in their 30s, they’ll know, eh?


How do you propose to change the system, Nina? And why is it all on the heads of Gen-X’ers and millennials?


because boomers are supposed to be retired

instead of keeping the corner offices and remaining the problem

Gen X are the ignored adults in the workplace

and Millennials, are more numerous and they are the next adults

or would be, if Gen X had not extended adolescence into middle age.

the youth who vowed to not trust anyone over 30 are the Boomers now.


if Gen X had not extended adolescence into middle age

Who the frak are you to be determining who’s been a complete adolescent? And have you ever heard of the phrase ‘young at heart’?

Boomers created this situation, boomers have to learn to deal with it (obviously, not older LGBT people being abused by the staff and patrons of their care facility like this poor lady). The Millennials and Gen-X’ers are going to be cleaning up the messes of the Boomers for the next half century, my own darn self included.

Oh yeah, one other thing related to this incident; why the frak didn’t the Boomers try to see that they would get old one day and that not all of them would be able to live in the same care facility due to having a different sexual orientation, thus planning, organizing and setting up a ton of alternate care facilities?


Someone who watched the original fraking show before the reboot inflated the word for a damn level word bomb into an f one.

as for why not before now?

because the younger people with energy won’t work with the older people with wealth, be it cash or knowledge.

the boomers of the lgbt lived through harder decades than what Gen X lived through

the world completely changed on 9/11 the way that the world change when Japan was nuked by America.

these things are still living memory to some

and history to most

so there are the comparable generational lines

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