From G&L to LGBTQ: lesbigay

Army Secretary: Soldiers don’t worry about trans soldiers, they ask about food & pay

it’s those who call soldiers boots on the ground
de-humanizing them

who are bothered about the genitals above said boots

and fixated on shower and bathrooms

even as school/work shootings, are ignored

and, unrelated to LGBTQ

most cops who retire also admit the war on drugs is a failure

so this war in bathrooms is … words fail really

It is just a bunch of toilet talk.

by people who failed toilet training and are adult sized toddlers

convinced that genitals control the weather


Transgender rights are being targeted nationwide with ballot measures & bathroom bills


You’re a woman. You didn’t transition to anything and you aren’t a man. Ergo, use the ladies room.


Clearly you are unaware of reality and modern society

you’re not a person, just a troll


We’re all people. I’m a man and so are you. The commenter above is a woman. This will always be true.


I am not a man, and anyone who denies others personhood

don’t get that consideration

you are a Troll on an LGBTQ site.

nothing you post has truth or merit


You are a man and there is no such thing as LGBTQ.


Troll, the user Be Love is a different person than me.

Nina is a woman’s name, as most names ending in the letter a are.

I have been mistaken for a man in person

I am a 50 year old Canadian Dyke

and you are a white hetero troll

on an LGBTQ site, so as much as you don’t want to believe we exist

we’re here and queer

and you are a gross closet case with a serious case of the jealousy

if you don’t think queers are real, why are you seeking attention and validation from us, eh?

don;’t tell me, I already know that being prejudiced in public is the permission to do the very perverted thing in private

it’s part of the misfiring of the religious impairment of brain functioning.

also, the limitation of dick thinkers who obsess about other people’s genitals, arising from their know inadequacies.

I know how threatened you are

because I am that castrating women most men fear

but if if helps you to think of me a man

that makes you even more insecure

your choice, how emasculated do you want to be?


If you are going to lie about me, at least be consistent. I can’t be a heterosexual and a closet case. In fact, I am an out, proud gay man. It’s a shame that you hate yourself and your lesbian sisters so much that you feel you need to associate with transgenderism in order to complete you.


fine you are a gay man, not a hetero troll expressing their closet self.

you posted like a hetero troll, and I responded to you in that way,

so instead, you are a gay man who is telling a lesbian how to woman? you think that’s different than a hetero man?

then asserting that somehow my treating another person with dignity somehow reduces my female stature?

tell me more gay male expert on all things woman and do keep behaving like the heteros who have to define everyone else according to their intolerance.

LGBTQ is the collective community and bickering between the letters only serves those who oppress all of us.


I am not telling you how to woman. I reminding you who you are, who we are. We are gay. That’s our common bond. There is no such bond with transgenders. They are not even defined by sexual orientation. Many if not most of them are not gay. Their interests and priorities are different from ours. In some cases they are are in conflict. Yet you insist that LGB people are in some sort of “collective” with them. You place their interests and priorities above those of your gay brothers and lesbian sisters. They have colonized your mind. They have made you not only their slave, but their enthusiastic, willing slave. In fact, it is worse than enslavement because the slave at least understands that he is distinct from the person who enslaves him. Through the deceit of “LGBT” you have given up your distinct and beautiful identity as a lesbian in order to conjoin with these people who take advantage of us.

Wake up. Love yourself. Decolonize.


I am not so insecure in my person that I deny personhood to other people.

when I came out, it was the Gay and Lesbian Community and lesbians were the afterthought

I was a news editor of a queer newspaper when Bisexual was added to, and the phrase “Lesbigay” was a thing for a while that never caught on because bisexuals were untrusted tourists

Population wise, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender are easily defeatable by the heterosexuals

so how are we better than the heteros if we throw transgender people, some of whom are gay, lesbian, bisexual, even if most identify out in the heteroworld

rather than stand as a community and I am now using the current Canada LGBTQ2

where the 2 is for Two Spirited Indigenous peoples,not a version number, and kinda comparable to the recent Flag addition of stripes

because queer is not just for white people anymore

Extending dignity to another person takes nothing away from me, and only enhances both people.

and community building is a very woman thing to do

so a choice between a gay man saying exclude
and a dyke saying intersectionality

on a site that is named LGBTQ

it;s’ a queer thing to get along with others

let’s not ape the heterosexuals

united we stand, divided we’re genocided.

Lest We Forget

LGBTQ Nation / News, Opinions, Arts and Culture 

What are your special skills and accolades? We all would love to know.

my superpower is the ability to reduce anything down to it’s most painful essence

sock puppet troll who’s only contribution a drama queen,
unqualified for the royal we

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