Lezflirt: Elvis and Ann Margaret


Elvis and Ann Margaret met in 1963 and you can see n the black n white photo of that first meeting just how gobsmacked tittterpattered he was: completely struck by her – Elvis fans would have been okay I think to lose him to her, after all, she was a Scandinavian Star, fresh off Bye Bye Birdie at the boxoffice – funny how she got to get Elvis there.

Elvis as a movie character or character archtype happened while The Presley Picture became fine tuned in the Star Vehicle Gender and Viva Las Vegas brought together Elvis and the Girl Version of Elvis into one movie.

There is only a small glimpse of the wedding scene in the movie, so it would be nice to have gotten whatever the Movie studios have in the vaults as the deleted but retained footage?

RCA/BMG/SONY is scrapping the vaults and lagged behind the bootleggers for years.

d4215531bb0a68ca2f31feb7b20654e8 elvis_priscilla_george_klein_wedding_1970_dec_5

She married and He Married, then, he divorced and sent her flowers for every Vegas show opening that she did. He even asked her to come back to him, but she declined.


Elvis and Priscilla remained in Las Vegas to attend Ann-Margret’s opening at the International.
Ann-Margret was in the audience on Elvis’ closing night. To Lamar, who was in charge of the lights, Elvis said: “Leave the light on her, man, I just want to look at her.”
well, that certainly puts a different spin on the show knowing how much he was singing for her, eh.
Elvis and Linda attended Ann-Margret’s opening.

Dear Marty @ http://www.elvisinfonet.com/ASK_Marty_Lacker.html
In her recent interview Priscilla said “Honestly, it never really felt like we were divorced. We always cared for one another. I didn’t leave him because I didn’t love him.”
Didn’t Priscilla leave Elvis because she wanted a (more stable) relationship with another man?
How did Elvis react at the time?
Knowing Elvis as you do, would he have taken Priscilla back if she had shown genuine remorse or was the damage done irreconcilable?


That may be the way she felt, which I think is bullshit, but Elvis knew and felt like they were divorced and he began being with Linda Thompson very quickly.
Linda cared a great deal for Elvis in ways Priscilla never did.
And yeah Priscilla played around with other guys while they were married including Mike Stone who she left Elvis to live with Stone.

Elvis tried to get Ann Margret back, but not Priscilla so that should tell you something.
Since Elvis has died she has made it all about her, don’t let her smile fool you.


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