whiney zero sum projecting men who individually groupthink

nina tryggvasonshared apostGeneral Conversations,Debates,Religion & Politicsan hour ago

nina tryggvasonLGBTQ2an hour ago

if a person is questioning if other people should have rights, how is that actually a question? that is oppression. and doing rights wrong. at some point. people arrive at conclusions and questions are not always honest, especially when they are advancing wrongs. Lest We Forget.

https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2019/03/27/when-the-question-is-dishonest-eh/When the Question is Dishonest. eh | Nina’s Soap Bubble Boxnina tryggvasonGaySiteUnite6 hours ago when one asks “if” a group should have rights. ,you are doing rights wrong BBC criticised for asking if LGBT rights should be taught in schools · …dykewriter.wordpress.comShareEmoji

Don Apperson41 minutes ago

“Rights” within limits13 Replies

nina tryggvason30 minutes ago

whatever boomer you are part of the problem. you do rights wrong if you think you get to impose limits on other people.

Don Apperson29 minutes ago

So, I should have a right to harm others because my god told me to?

nina tryggvason25 minutes ago

you are part of the problem and post stupidly is the only answer you do not deserve.

Don Apperson23 minutes ago

You don’t even know me. Do you stereotype everyone? Make up your mind about them before you even converse with them?

nina tryggvason17 minutes ago

play victim when not catered you. when someone does not behave as a stereotype they get treated as individuals. so why should I give you a nice person credit when you give me less than none?

nina tryggvason16 minutes ago

you are a white man who is a boomer aged likely heterosexual who is confused about your demographic and expect to be given credit for nothing…

Don Apperson12 minutes ago

What are you talking about? Credit for what? I am who I am. It has nothing to do with getting “credit”. Looking at your profile, I would imagine you are lesbian. Fine. I have gay people in my family. You of all people should be aware of how fundamentalist religious folks use their religion to say they have the “right” to discriminate against gay people. You think they should have that right?

nina tryggvason11 minutes ago

you are just another man with delusions of relevance and then whining when not catered to.

nina tryggvason10 minutes ago

you have failed to understand my post and I am not interested in your ridiculous misstatement of what I said.

Don Apperson7 minutes ago

So, why are you here? You don’t really seem interested in what anyone else has to say. Are you just looking for someone who will praise you for what you say?

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

no. I am looking for someone to interact with what I say instead of everyone being zero sum babies and thinking I am as bad as you. so I am also wondering why I am posting in a group I was invited to.

nina tryggvasona minute ago

so when you post what you think as if it has to do with what I said. like men do and then you are not catered too. you are a stereotype until you behave as an individual and treat others as you seek to be treated.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

trying reading your posts for why you are offensive instead of the injured party and then consider why your conversations go no where but a circle jerk. I decline to deal with people who interact with that.

Don Apperson4 minutes ago

You say my writing is offensive to you and then you say I am trying to be the injured party. Really? I don’t feel injured. I don’t feel offended. Is it offensive to you when someone disagrees with you?

nina tryggvasona minute ago

you continue to project and post. you are boring and increasingly tedious. perhaps this will give you some insight into your behavior but I doubt you will understand.

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nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

Whatever Boomer. you can stop anytime with the attention seeking. I am not interested in any further exchanges with you.


media literacy, including social media literacy, matters

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