when women are wankers who zero sum

Zuzeca Sape10:48PM

What is this group about? What are the rules? There’s no description listed. I’m seeing posts on a wide variety of subjects.Fri

Don Apperson

But only of humans

√ ¥


Ming The Merciless

I thought it was a furries group… 

Lego Goddess

It must be so hard to be youMon

David Ripley

We all hoped his plane would crash, the world would be so much better if Trump had never been born,. It’s not like the movie, It’s wouldn’t be like the movie ” It’s A Wonderful Life” that things would turn out worse if he never lived.1Tue

Lego Goddess

Where does Ian imply that Trump is good?1

Im a bit confused so could you clarify your position

I work with journalists in politics

Ian is correct that a lot of journalists will take extreme positions to tell more papers

and they also have deadlines

So the facts arent necessarily “fake”

but they are less researched than a lot of people seem to think

fox news is owned by th saudis

they are not news they are propaganda

Lego Goddess

the Saudis own a lot of stuff

Lego Goddess

How do you propose to “overthrow” a whole industry

good idea and start with the internet

Lego Goddess

thats like saying I want to overthrow the concrete industry

viggest dear edito letters without an editor

pave paradise they should be

Lego Goddess


Show step by step

Your plan on “overthrowing” a whole industry


coomunism no owners

Lego Goddess

Im listening

collective power to the pople

time to reorg for the over 7 billion people

Lego Goddess

Thats not a plan or argument

Im canadian

I couldnt care less about Trump

Thats a poor argument

i am candian ans trump is a traitor

to the world court with the entire republican party #LestWeForget

trump supporters too

are terrorists on the world stage

no you are not listening

you are a cranjky boomer who is part of the overpopulation probolem

you can kiss a erats ass

Lego Goddess

I’m not a cranky boomer

i agree with Ian’s position on most things

I’m a millenial

so what

you should not agree with boomers

Lego Goddess

So your comment on Ian being a cranky boomer is irrelevant

they are against your generations interests

Lego Goddess

What are MY generational interests Nina?

livinfg more than 20 more years

claimate change

you have no future

the boomers consumed it

welcome to president reality tv host AND THE END OF THE WORLD


seriously heterosexual white men

stop telling other people what they are saying and learn to listen

you are trump fixated and projecting

you are not listening so whatever boomer you are the problem/

David Ripley

@Ian Lloyd Did you look at the title of this group before you became a member? It says, ”Human Race” and as an outsider, please give us your opinion on how w can improve it, without using science.?

BCD dd214

Anything useful in life comes from science. ;)2

Lego Goddess

This message was deleted


spit it out boy1

Come on

YOu asked for a fight, you got one

Don’t pick a fight with your intellectual superiors

You know whats going to happen

You have two choices

  1. Run to admin and cry
  1. block us like intellectual cowards

you are outgunned and outnumbered

You cant even type fast enough to make this a worthwhile debate

David Ripley

@Ian Lloyd, You having degree in physics is akin to trump having a triple digit IQ. get the fuck over yourself, will you? Keep it up, and you’ll embarrass yourself even more, you ass kissing son of a bitch. Tell me, did your parents have any children that not only lived, but were thought good manners, and were kind to people smarter than you, and also not as smart as you? I can’t answer that question, without looking up the answer, can you tell me what it means, without looking it up, for a horse in a race to be caught in a blind switch? We all have skills, not necessarily the same ones, but everyone one of us, has some kind of talent, and can use it to help others and themselves. @Lego Goddess, I graduated from High School when I was 15 years old, how about you?Show More

Lego Goddess

This message was deleted

This message was deleted

And a comp scie degree1


Lets call this even

and which high school did you graduate from?

Lego Goddess


WHo cares

And if you are concerned about your past minor scholastic achievements

Then it’s sad

Its fascinating that he thinks graduating from high school at age 15 is some big achievement1

It’s really not difficult if you are in a system with low requirements

The fact that it was his biggest accomplishment is sad1

That’s like me bragging at at age 10, I was the tallest kid in my class

Or when I was 16 I was the bestest basketball player ever!1

It’s like the Napoleon Dynamite character, Uncle Rico who dreams of his glory days, when he ALMOST made the state championships

Its just ridiculous

I could see someone bragging they are a doctor, or heaven forbid, a laywer….

Uh oh

Is David quiet?1

We will play fair if you will

Concentrate on the argument, not on ridiculous illogical attacks1

Lego Goddess

It wasnt taught in high school2

Lego Goddess

This message was deleted

David Ripley

@Ian Lloyd, Ian, I explained what happened there, actually said what happened, and told you you were right, and was going to apologise, but your reply was full of swearing and personal insults, so I certainly couldn’t apologize after that, If I did, I wouldn’t respect myself in the morning.Show More

David Ripley

@Ian Lloyd You mentioned Stephen King, am to conclude you’re a fan of his? Hope not, I really enjoy most of his books. I was trying to be smart to someone who insulted me for no reason. High School certainly wasn’t my best time, but I’d like to think that saving two girls from being raped, was a great time for me, and the girls, they were really thankful. It’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.Show More

David Ripley

@Ian Lloyd I believe you have the facts wrong. We’re not going to resolve this, are we? You say you won’t take shit from me, good on you, but that knife cuts both ways, I’m giving you the benefit of not calling you an armchair warrior yet. You know what that means, don’t you, sort of being all hat and no cowboy. I’ve found the net is a wonderful thing, the best thing it does, is it gives everybody a chance to voice their opinion: The bad thing about the net is that it lets everybody voice their opinion.Show MoreToday

Jewlz Gerhardt

Yes David that is a bad thing about the net

Mike Torres

Ian is wrong, and he knows it. It’s obvious. His agenda is showing, no matter how hard he tries to hide it.

“Atheists are wrong, but I am not a theist. I am just trolling atheists, like God commands”1

Jewlz Gerhardt

As far as I know to be an atheist you just have to not believe in God’s. Ian and I have many different views and I am not completely in the picture about your dispute but I tend to be on his side

Jewlz Gerhardt

Since you insulted first I read

religion is mental illness and should be in the diagnostic manual

Ian is wrong as are all people who think a religion has any reality other than tradition to support pedophiles in power over nations.

and don’t guess what words mean, look them up. hint: latin.

Lego Goddess

What does Latin have to do with words in English that may or may not have a root in Latin?


look it up.

english has few words that are modern era. it is a mongrel language made up of other ones

Lego Goddess

I know.

not by the question you posted you do not

Lego Goddess

But your comment makes no sense

it does if you know what the word means or have followed the thread

i can only guess what you fail to understand by your posts

learn what words mean and use them in context.

Lego Goddess

You know I took latin, but knowing latin doesnt necessarily help you with the modern meaning of words

I took two university courses in it

you are overthinking the word then

you are of the too much information and not able to filtre

Lego Goddess

I don’t believe you are as smart as you believe you are NIna

without theism is not a difficult concept

Lego Goddess

None of your arguments make any sense1

what you beleive has no bearing on my intelligence

you are not able to understand, question your intelligence

Lego Goddess

Non-sequiter statement


seirously what a childish poster you are

Lego Goddess

Ad hominem attack

Go, make a statgement

and Ill point out the discrepancy

You asked for a fight

You got one

you are denying you insulted me and then you play victim

Lego Goddess

What victim?

Post the exact statement I made nina


scroll back and read it yourself

Lego Goddess


You bring it here

Right here, right now

dial it back

Lego Goddess

You’re eager for a fight

You got one

and learn to adult

Lego Goddess



Right now

no. you are the one fighting

Lego Goddess

Exacrt statement

Exact statement nina

1 2 3 4


Come on’

Let’s go

you zero summed yourself

Lego Goddess

You know what zero sum actually means right

Like dont just take words out of their proper context

and throw them out

in a hope I dont know what youre speaking about

Because I do


Isnt a verb

Try again

english is a dynamic language

and you are a pedantic and emotional poster seeking emotional conflict

have you tried therapy instead of the internet?

Lego Goddess


So you;re asking me to look up the meaning of latin words that may or may not have anything to do with modern English

your zero sum pissing contest of you thinking you know what words mean or what the conversation is. is too dull to continue. do not be as boring as boys.

Lego Goddess

and youre calling me PEDANTIC?

New Messages


Anyone else see the irony?

yeah. format queen pedantic sans content.

Lego Goddess

I actually believe you don’t know a thing about what you’re talking about

I wonder who sees which irony…

Lego Goddess

You take random words

which sound smart. TO YOU.

And then divorce them from whatever context

attack me in a flurry

because you lack context to my posts. obviously.

Lego Goddess

and hope Im like your regular sub IQ opponents

I did not post to you, I posted to the group and you began to spew verbage.

Lego Goddess

Thats the truth

You posted on a public forum genius

Its a public forum

not your own profile page

you lack merit, credibility or truth. yeah. I posted to a group thread and you joined in.

Lego Goddess


So what’s your point


Lego Goddess

Im a member of the group

I can be here

I can discuss

You cant win so then you default to the ‘youre not a member and you shouldnt be here”

you whined about my post and then acted the victim.;

Lego Goddess


exact section NIna

scroll back you don;’t need tech support from me.

Lego Goddess

Im not your normal sub 110 IQ opponent



You scroll back

you are a zero wanker online. whatevers whoevers you think you are, eh.

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