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when women are wankers who zero sum

Zuzeca Sape10:48PM What is this group about? What are the rules? There’s no description listed. I’m seeing posts on a wide variety of subjects.Fri Don Apperson But only of humans √ ¥ 3Sun Ming The Merciless I thought it was … Continue reading

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trump trolls are traitors

nina tryggvason2 days ago why are men incapable of understanding other people get to hold and express views without men;s permission or approval… and that format queening is not discussing the content.33 Replies Steve of Unknown Kadath5 days ago It’s … Continue reading

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facts are and so is behaviour, eh

Alex Blue2 minutes ago I find people on social media, mostly theists, partly agnostics and rarely atheists who try to convince you of something, either they lash out or they claim they are university educated, or some other bullshit; or … Continue reading

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Word Wars and Format Queens

Alex Blue To anyone with common sense: As a person of good conscious, debates should not be based on personal attacks; rather to ask for proof in logical and tangible evidence or proof. nina tryggvason31 minutes ago debates are about … Continue reading

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the not the thing is not a variation of said thing. eh.

nina tryggvason2 days ago somehow the not collecting stamps is a hobby seems more appropriate Ian Lloyd2 days ago Timothy Lyon: So, you go from telling us that we will believe in God, to calling me names within seconds of … Continue reading

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