the not the thing is not a variation of said thing. eh.

nina tryggvason2 days ago

somehow the not collecting stamps is a hobby seems more appropriate

Ian Lloyd2 days ago

Timothy Lyon: So, you go from telling us that we will believe in God, to calling me names within seconds of me arguing with you? lol. That’s my usual experience in dealing with uneducated theists.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

religions are a farce because they have no basis. no evidence nor merit and cognitive dissonance eventually resolved when the original personality cult fails to turn pro and attach itself to a political system. from chiefs n shamans to kings n popes.

God AMAa day ago

So… another atheist

Ian Lloyda day agoedited

God AMA: You missed my point. Assuming I have a freewill, then I must use it in making any specific choice. However, if I must exercise my freewill, then in what sense could it possibly be freewill? If it was truly freewill, then I should have some choice in the matter of whether I even exercise my use of freewill, but, no matter what choice I make, you are stating that it is because I exercised my freewill. So, purely as a matter of logic, freewill involves a contradiction and cannot exist.

Ian Lloyd10 hours ago

Nina: No, suicide does not prove freewill. Especially when sociologists show that suicide rates are very predictable.5 Replies

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nina tryggvason10 hours ago

perhaps you should be less emotional when disagreed with, eh.

nina tryggvason10 hours ago

or be less of a typical pale male control freak who thinks you even understand the issue you claim to speak to.

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David Shepard9 hours ago

Suicide does not prove free will.

David Shepard9 hours agoedited

It is not a matter of being a control freak…because highly evolved virtual reality is clearly on our horizon…no one can say to what degree there is programming involved in our subjective experience. This does not mean that there is. This does not mean there is not. It means no one can say. The question then is not only does free will exist but if it does, to what extent it does. And the answer is no one knows. Because no one can know. It is an evidence based limit of human knowledge.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

indeed. knowledge. not personal opinions, or academic solely; . accumulated. peer reviewed and quantifiable. and whatever stats and patterns hold across population groups. it is still to the individual. to thine own self be true, the 2b or not. eh. as the Great Bard wrote; but what matter any individual when entire civilizations in which they have context, across the spectrum of human experience – and religion the worst of the conformity – to the genocide of demographics to the last individual.

denying my statement and word wanking in a no its not zero sum and format queening is so boring and uncompelling.

Ian Lloyd10 hours ago

Nina: Just admit you have nothing to say, and that you mistakenly believe that social-media is intended only for people who make juvenile insults regarding comments they cannot comprehend. The second you started denying climate science, it was easy enough for me to figure out that you aren’t too bright.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

you find your talking points and word wanking overly compelling.

Timeline21 hours agoedited

Climate Change In Our Backyard.
A look at the harsh reality of Global Warming.

Climate Change in Our Backyard | Carnegie Magazine | Carnegie Museums of PittsburghCarnegie Museum of Natural History researchers are on the front lines of climate science, tracking the complex changes unfolding right here in western

nina tryggvason16 hours ago

Climate has changed

Ian Lloyd10 hours ago

For those who deny science, what specific aspect of climate science are you denying? The fact carbon compounds absorb energy? If so, I can provide you with experimental data to prove you are wrong. That the increased carbon is due to humans? We have isotopes that show the carbon is from human activity. That the carbon is actually absorbing energy as predicted? We have direct satellite evidence showing that the energy is being absorbed exactly as predicted. So, what part of the science are you denying?

nina tryggvason10 hours ago

oh, if only you could mansplain to the whole world. sad. web 3.0 and there internet remains constant.

Ian Lloyd10 hours ago

Nina: Hiding behind sexism? That’s another fallacy by the way.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

posts the pedantic who thinks they are the decider. maybe if you did not conform to the stereotype so often. you would not need to be dyke called out on it. eh.

false equalism, and a format queen. zero sum word wanker. who complains when treated in kind.

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Posted on November 20, 2015by dykewriter

Giving and Taking Offense in online – and in life – conversations has taken on mental health issue proportions. On a facebook post for a recipe, I commented that the dish sounded disgusting. The poster’s response was to call me … Continue reading →

Chelsea Wood

Yes but the anti discriminations aren’t worth their weight here! No one cares and people work around them to persecute and discriminate against us further11:54

They just say you aren’t suitable for
The job11:55

When really you are suitable but they discriminate instead11:55

There will always be ways for these discriminating employer bastards to work around the anti discrimination laws11:55Today

The LGBTQ2 global community and secular atheist communities need to work together.12:11

along with civil rights and labour rights12:11

this is not a joke:

see also:

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