Word Wars and Format Queens

Alex Blue

To anyone with common sense:

As a person of good conscious, debates should not be based on personal attacks; rather to ask for proof in logical and tangible evidence or proof.

nina tryggvason31 minutes ago

debates are about word games of nuance and judgement values. logic has never been a thing, it is only a format that after word games format is the fight level. content matters nothing,

not to mention fighting over word meanings and format is entirely emotional attachment to zero summers who confuse format and process, with valid content.

Timeline3 hours agoThe Golden Asteroid That Could Make Everyone On Earth A Billionaire | OilPrice.comThe real space race has finally kicked off, and it’s not about tourism, it’s about quintillions in dollars’ worth of precious metalsoilprice.comShareEmoji

nina tryggvason – Owner8 minutes ago

just shows how stupid economics are when a single discovery of things we deem to have value can so alter the entire system

Alex Blue
an hour ago

@nina tryggvason Especially when people who were questioning science and questioning space travel saying why do we need to explore space. Well, for this reason why we need science and space exploration; as Stephen Hawking said:


nina tryggvason – Owneran hour ago

there are too many rats in the cage as a metaphor but sadly, the indication is that we are not a space faring species. the trip to Mars will reduce anyone to a drooling idiot.

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2 Responses to Word Wars and Format Queens

  1. I think I’ll skip dreaming about becoming rich!


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