Refreshing Resolution: Cognition Clarity

It appears to me that the internet has upped it’s resolution, because videos and images that used to look okay now look pixelated.

One way to get us to pay more for same content…burning through the bandwidth.

Resolution size

refresh rate hertz … opacity hue transparency luminescence of illumination



Watching a light source, the electronic fire, flickering with imagination, hormone powered; humans are wetware, meat puppets on a bone stick figure driven by the ghost in the machine, behaviors, nature and nurture… instincts encoded group genetic heredity

Dreams are the dress rehearsals for real life, where all possibility plays and practise resolution resolve occurs. we only live twice, once for ourselves and once in our dreams.

Reality happens and intersects in the middle muddle with everyone else.

Headaches, migraines, auras, are all stressors of your brains’s computations unability to resolve self against the world’s wall.


It is certainly informative to see things in more ways than we can with just our eyes to understand motion capture and even Quantum Mechanics.

it’s not just WHEN you observe a thing, it’s how well you can see it and make sense of it, pattern recognition.

the soccer ball is both black and white, but which facet face is where depends on the when noticed in the trajectory, and we don’t see the before or after, observer taints the observed.

With assumptions and anticipations, conclusions over ruminations, scope and scale of the measurables, also considerations.

the Double Slit one particle acts as a part of a wave, first then and then that, and over enough particles, you get the waveform, at once as a chord, or as single notes; the music of the spheres…. base 8 in a base 10 measured in base 60 .. Imperial… Metric…Octavinal… it’s a cube squared world.

Science Disiplines Inter-inform

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