The Elvis Cover Up – 20/20 and hindsight

why this never resulted in Dr Nick and others being criminally investigated is beyond me.

people just didn’t want to know the truth.







elvis is dead


When Elvis Died

One of the best books about the media response to Elvis.

2 networks lead with the story one did not. They didn’t think anyone cared about a washed up hillbilly singer. They lost big in the ratings, resulting in the realization that there is no end to the Elvis market.

He struck a chord that is still playing today and one that is at such a frequency that people don’t even know to give him credit. such as ripples.

The death of Elvis what really happened

book review:


Elvis’ depression and self neglect never seems to be singled out.

It was drugs that depressed his body’s natural systems and stressed and taxed it out.

Poor sleeping habits, terrible eating habits, the wear and tear of doing over 1000 concerts between his return to stage in 1969 and his death in 1977.

career disappointments and being stuck in grief over his mother, the divorce and not having anything more to look forward to.


Today I am Elvis plus three.

I am 45 and I have lived three more years than Elvis.

I am the Elvis who lived.

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