ElvisWorld: Marty Lacker

Marty Lacker attended Hughes High School with Elvis, was co-best man and the co-foreman of the Memphis Mafia – a title he and Joe Esposito semi-shared.


Marty bestie with Elvis and here goofing around on the road somewhere between Memphis and Hollywood with Billy Smith (Elvis cousin).

Fike Lacker and Elvislacker book

The first Elvis books that I bought in the late 1970s and early 1980 were outsider gossip and fluff, and I read The Bodyguard Book and I read Portrait of a Friend and these two books rather shaped my perception of the group Elvis built around himself.

It is certainly where my dislike of Charlie Hodge arose, and the fractures in Elvis world is most evident in the grouping that followed after he died.

Lamar Fike was the major source for the Albert Goldman book, Lacker’s book admitting to his own drug use and how much it was going on in the group and Billy Smith has participated in interviews and is the closest cousin who spent the most time with Elvis by virtue of not drinking himself to death, as many of Elvis’ Smith family side did.

Lacker had regretted publishing his book, but it’s not like being an Elvis flunky had a retirement plan. He has a strong dislike for Jerry Schilling and Joe Esposito who remain friendly with Priscilla.

He does a Q&A from time to time on various Elvis fan sites and puts up Elvis owned/given items on e-bay now and then.

I had a brief email correspondence with him, I was curious about one of the paperbacks, but didn’t end up getting it. Certainly a better exchange than when I met Joe and Jerry.

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this book it also features the only interview that I have seen with one of the bullies who tried to cut Elvis' hair in high school there's a photo of him holding the yearbookThe death of Elvis what really happened

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