Monkey See TV, Monkey Do Internet

Television: Plato’s Cave 2.0 Technoage Edition


Observing Television Commericials

HappyDays_620_110812 hqdefault

Media: Screentainment Movies and Television


Elvisworld: Television Commericals


Business and Advertising: Movietorial

Merchants of Death booze guns tobacco

Advertising vs Lobbying: is there a meaningful difference?



CGI TV is pretty close to Virtual Reality Video Games


The TV-compontants and accessories: VR don’t confuse the tubes



TV Shows…Where Tropes Began



Happy 90th Birthday TV

Q-TV: The L Metrosexual Queer as Word Folks

Image result for tv is plato cave Image result for tv is plato cave

Coke Comes Clean


Movies Posters and meme montages

Image result for radio to tv to internet


blog nod to thefeatheredsleep


When Jargon Jumps the Shark

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