Farscape: Girls with Guns

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Aeryn was a Peacekeeper Fighter Pilot, who had to learn to science…

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Moya is a living creature a peaceful explorer, but, she gave birth to a battleship

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A creepy geneticists seeking perfection, modified Aeryn with Pilot DNA and Zaan gave her existence to bring her back

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Thrown in with a misfit group, lead by a primative peacekeeper who wormholes near dieties

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Herbals, plasma pistols and metal melting screams… oh my…

Farscape: The Muppets in Deep Space

  Finally a SF show that is not human-centric! a Hu-Mon from an unknown backwater of the universe finds himself on a living creature with an assortment of Leather and BadAssery Alien Abilities and Alien Technologies and Alien Mythologies – … Continue reading


Raw Recovery: Relatables – Farscape’s Zaan

Social Anarchist Priestess – Zaan search for serenity was sadly ended by the special effects make-up health impact. Much like Lon Chaney and the Mythbusters have demonstrated – multi chemical sensitivity – our skin is part of our respiratory system. … Continue reading

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