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in 1983, V the miniseries was a thin retelling of Nazi Germany with Reptile Aliens who wanted our water and to eat us.

Diana was the first quadrosexual villian, enjoying males and females of her own and our species – an aspect of the show that went oddly uncommented on.

TV Villiany – V’s Diana

They were not, what they seemed; and probably inspired the Reptilian conspiracy people

The Visitors Came they said in Peace – they recruited human youth and forced scientists to register with the government.

All the social anxieties rolled into one story of a Medical Student turned resistance leader leading a plucky group of random citizens to save the earth.

Advanced Aliens need our Help and will fix our problems,

give us your factories and workers

1984 saw a sequel miniseries, and a short lived tv series in 1985 that became the target for the Christian Parents to control the viewing of adults and their offspring.

V the series had more violence than any other show aired in the same years.

Much human gun fire, alien energy weapons and Diana eating a variety of earth critters. Also torture scenes from time to time.

While Julie and Donovan with Ham Tyler later ran the resistance, we learn in the tv series about Nathan Lane, who financed it.


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    i have been thinking about the politics in this show lately


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    it was an obvious nazi analogy in the 1980s and the original is relevant now, while the recent remake shows how we got there.
    I was a hardcore fan of this show and still have a visitor doll



Nathan Lane, bio-weapon manufacturer and would be Capitalist King of LA

Julie Parrish vs Diana… 2 female scientists wanting the same planet.

Funny how people complain how the fictional violence while they perpetrate actual violence in society.

but especially, that they complain about shows in genres that they do not even watch or understand.

given that conservatives are always on the wrong side of history

progress and adaption, invention is what we do, novelty seekers

Science Fiction allows us to examine society writ larger on a bigger canvas

Aliens came to earth: V the invaders.

Growing Up Science Fiction

in Alien Nation, in a very similar ship, Alien refugees landed and were distributed around the world – better workers than humans

SciFiVerse: The funny side of fandom: V

later, in District 9 the alien refugees were South Africa’s problem


heros in heels: Faye Grant

TV Miniseries to Series: V and V (rebooted)

V: What We Want – IGN
V: What We Want - IGN

80s SciFi: V from miniseries to series and reboot

In V the reboot, the Aliens are more of a swarm species, with a queen.

A Homeland Security Agent becomes the leader of the resistance with a Priest.

TV Miniseries to Series: V and V (rebooted)

Lest We Forget, so we don’t do it again.

because apparently, that part now needs to be said to America


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