Families in TV Commercials

On Television, we see representations of our culture – and nowhere moreso than tv commercials.

2015 – Tylenol just can a commercial with Divorced parents on custody weekend. Dad getting Daughter dropped by Mom at the door.

It’s really only been a short while that different ethnicity were shown forming family units – curiously Same Gender couples appeared earlier in commercials and print ads.

In the 1990s, gays and lesbians were discovered as a market niche, because we had some security of rights for housing and employment.

Divorce is still fairly rare on tv, other than lawyer or cop show episodes, but as actual characters on shows (other than soap operas, day or evening, because that is all they do) – showing a divorced person as one.

The original for Mary Tyler Moore was a divorced gal, but single and career was more than threatening to tvland. The Brady Bunch was second blended family while the Partridges had a single mom: so did, did One Day at a Time.

Pat Harrington Jr., a hit sitcom’s cocky handyman, dies; he also played an Elvis sidekick in Easy Come, Easy Go  


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